Ready, Set, Realize ROI!

Although there may be other service providers that can assist in the strategy, implementation, and development of automated actionable insights, none are as effective at aligning your organization to properly train, rollout and deliver behavior shaping and culture-changing initiatives as Tectonic. Implementing new platforms, workflows, and business processes, including the delivery of data insights can only be successful if your deployment project is thoroughly planned and your staff is fully-trained to carry out your initiatives.

With Tectonic’s training and project rollout services, you’ll get everything you need to make your deployment and user adoption strategy successful. In addition to helping you establish consensus with key stakeholders, we’ll help you build a well-understood vision promoting user adoption through proper planning, communication and training that best fits your culture and project requirements.

Overview of our training and project rollout services:

  • Stakeholder Consensus
  • Planning and Coordination
  • Data Agility/Culture of Agility
  • Project/Program Management
  • Enterprise/Global-Wide Deployment
  • Training/Mentoring

Training that Works for You

As you embark on any journey, a critical success factor is the ability to plan, adapt, and ultimately execute. The digital and cloud transformation journey is no different. As daunting as choosing the right combination of tools and vendors is, finding educational expertise and guidance on such new, dynamic technologies is even more challenging. What Tectonic strives to be is your single-source for preparation and execution of this process, and the key element to survival is training and education.

Driven by the explosion of digital transformation, the rate of change in technology today is greater than ever. This makes finding and employing a relevant and effective training program almost impossible. At Tectonic, we have invested in the capabilities, expertise and platforms to provide the guidance you need to embark on a transformational journey. Our facilitators and trainers are continually honing their skills in the trenches, both with customer projects as well as in the Big Data Analytics Labs (BDALabs) where they are exposed to the latest tech and capabilities. Available as public or customized, on-site and virtual classes, our certified training courses deliver the knowledge you need in the format you want, when you are ready for it.

At Tectonic, we are constantly developing new courses and enhancing existing offerings to keep pace with the rapidly changing nature of the technology space. The current catalog of educational workshops are listed below and in our Learning Center. Be sure to give us a call if you don’t see something you’d like covered and we can discuss putting together a customized training course for you and your team.

Google Cloud Platform: We Are Authorized to Train

At Tectonic, we have invested in providing the guidance you need to embark on this transformational Google Cloud Platform journey. As a certified Google Cloud Platform training provider, our facilitators and trainers have the knowledge and field experience in both delivering the Google Cloud Platform technical courses and coaching developers of all skill sets. Tectonic offers three types of Google Cloud Platform Training:

Request a Date.

Don’t see the course date you need? Interested in a customized onsite training? No problem – use our Request a Date service.