How To Market To Your Newly Acquired Holiday Customers

By Blair Linville

The holidays are over and for most retail companies that means a return to sanity and slower sales. But what can you do to monetize the new customers you gained this holiday season? Below are a few tips and tricks to help build brand loyalty from your newly acquired holiday customers.

Since each customer is unique their customer journey should be unique as well. It is important to understand your customers’ buying behavior and browse behavior to provide them with a truly 1-to-1 customer experience. This experience should begin with a welcome series.

Hopefully you have already crafted a welcome series and have entered your newly acquired holiday customers along this journey. If not, it is important to craft a series of messages that introduces new customers to your brand, entices them to shop, and asks them to provide more personal information about themselves and their shopping preferences. Each message should include a specific call to action or next step you would like them to take in their journey. Perhaps it is a coupon code, downloading your mobile app or a series of emails asking them to provide personal information such as birthday, mobile number, etc. According to eWayDirect, welcoming new subscribers with an initial series of frequent and promotional emails results in 4-5 times increase in revenue.

Now that your customers have been exposed to your brand and you have had the opportunity to learn more about them it is important to craft content specific to each subscriber. Not only should physical location, communication and shopping preferences be taken into consideration when crafting messages to subscribers, it is also important to look at past purchase history, shopping cart abandonment and website browse behavior. It is important to remember that subscribers provide you with their preferences for a reason, make sure you use those preferences to communicate with them in the way that they wish to be communicated. Each journey should have a specific goal and you should measure the effectiveness of each piece of content in attaining that goal. It is important to test new content, subject lines and overall brand messaging to ensure that you are speaking effectively with your customers, especially if they are new to your brand.

So you have welcomed subscribers and introduced them to your brand, created custom content based on preferences and past purchase history and have converted some of your new holiday subscribers into loyal brand advocates. Now what do you do? Offering special discounts and promotions is important to keep loyal shoppers happy, but, so is providing special events, sneak previews and anything you can do to make your loyal customers feel special and provide exclusivity. Now that these shoppers are loyal to your brand, solicit feedback and product reviews from them, create shareable content so that they can easily post on their social channels. Building a community of followers and loyal brand advocates that share your content will help your brand reach new subscribers without having to spend money on paid advertising.

It is important to keep in mind that each customer is unique, so the journeys and content that you create should be unique as well. According to CMO Council, 54% of consumers would consider ending their loyalty if they were not provided with tailor-made relevant content & offers. Creating relevant content and offers will increase your chances of subscribers opening, reading and engaging with your marketing communications.