Manufacturing and Energy

Companies in the manufacturing and energy industry are faced with becoming more predictive around quality and efficiencies and are required to deliver near-term results and sustainable growth. Tectonic has successfully worked with leading manufacturing and energy companies to improve operational performance, reduce costs, advance growth and deliver innovate descriptive and predictive solutions. Some sample solutions include:

  • Establishing a single, enterprise-wide view of the customer relationship
  • Integrating multiple systems and data sources
  • Automating forecasting process from a local, regional and global perspective
  • Reducing administrative activities
  • Visibility into third-party sales and efforts
  • Aligning business processes
  • Improving targeted marketing efforts and effectiveness of marketing strategies
  • Analyzing and visualizing customer data
  • Improving service delivery performance
  • Streamlining IT operations
  • Connecting employees/effective¬†collaboration to simplify customer experience

Sample Customers