Google Cloud Platform Training

At Tectonic, we have invested in providing the guidance you need to embark on your transformational Google Cloud Platform journey. As an authorized Google Cloud Platform training provider, our facilitators and trainers have the knowledge and field experience in both delivering the Google Cloud Platform technical courses and coaching developers of all skill sets. As such, Tectonic is offering training courses that strives to not only help you prepare for the five Google Cloud Platform Qualification Exams, but also provide you with compelling subjects and topics on every aspect of business analytics, including:

  • Data management to advanced analytics,
  • How the Google Cloud Platform can be leveraged to deploy technologies to cope with volume, variety, and velocity of data, and
  • Exploring opportunities to bridge the knowledge gap for people to be productive on a cloud-based Big Data Analytics environment.

How to Get Google Cloud Platform Developer Certified

Google offers 5 Cloud Platform qualification web-based timed exams accessible from your camera-equipped computer. The exams cover material from the developer qualification training and challenge you to deeply explore additional resources. Passing any of these exams earns you the designation of
Google Qualified Developer for that specific product along with a PDF certificate emailed to you. Passing all 5 exams earns you the designation of Google Cloud Platform Qualified Developer

The 5 exams are as follows:

Visit the Google Cloud Platform website for more information on exams.