B2B Marketing Automation

Tectonic Brings You Salesforce Pardot and its Seamless Integration with Salesforce.com:

  • EMAIL MARKETING: Powerful What You See Is What You Get, Industry leading A/B Testing and Several Actionable Metrics
  • LEAD GENERATION: Easy to Use Custom Redirects to Seed the World with Your Thought Leadership Pieces
  • LEAD MANAGEMENT: We can help You Tailor Make a Scoring Model to Fit Your Business Needs as Well as Building Profiles to Grade those Leads Accordingly
  • ROI REPORTING: Understand How Your Marketing Efforts are Influencing Opportunities
  • SALES INTELLIGENCE: Is What Your Marketing Department Producing Enabling Your Sales Team?
  • SOCIAL MARKETING: Schedule Posts on Multiple Channels and Measure Which and What Times are Most Effective

Tectonic has helped several clients become more effective marketers with the implementation of Pardot:

team-quest-logoTeamQuest, a company that offers software solutions for businesses, implemented Pardot to be more efficient and effective with its digital marketing campaigns and communications with customers and prospects. The implementation project lacked planning and training and focused on the technology and not on the business needs. As a result the marketing team was unable to use Pardot correctly and its marketing activities were difficult to carry out. Tectonic, came in and re-implemented the tools based on a planned and strategic framework customized to the business needs. TeamQuest’s marketing team was able to use Pardot to its full potential, saving valuable time through marketing automation and engaging prospects and customers with meaningful interactions, increasing revenue and brand recognition.

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