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How Travel Companies are using Big Data and Analytics

In today’s hyper-competitive world, hospitality consumers have more choices than ever before. With hundreds of hotel chains and personal property rentals going above and beyond to surprise and delight consumers, their expectations have shifted rapidly. Consumers now expect to be provided with a personalized experience. They expect that hospitality companies know their likes and needs and provide them with an experience based around those likes and needs. The speed with which companies need to respond to guests is ever increasing. Who would have predicted that 5 years ago AirBnB would have a valuation comparable with brands like Marriott? Companies are [...]

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Cloudy With A Chance Of Financial Gain

I'm seeing more and more indications that Corporate America is ready to embrace the cloud in a major way. Most recently I came across the following infographic which shows the difference in average annual salary between "cloud" professionals and [...]

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Today’s Cloud Architect

Embracing Cloud Computing as the next generation for enterprise IT is in many ways a leap of faith companies should not take lightly. From the comfort zone of a mature, well-known set of principals, constraints, and capabilities to the relative unknown and [...]

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