Toward a New Normal

We’ve outlined and recommended new and better approaches to developing and managing information systems. Most companies we work with are applying some of them, but in bits and pieces. We argue that the time and technology are both right for a concerted effort, for changing the basic methods and attitudes of applications development. Even if your company has made a recent and large commitment to an ERP, this should still be the new normal:

  • Existing applications, including older legacy systems, should not just be maintained, but be kept in play. Their data and business logic should be available for other uses, even as they are being gradually replaced.
  • New application functionality can be developed quickly and before all the “requirements” are known. Any new application is changeable, scalable, accessible through a variety of interfaces, and integratable with other applications.
  • Every new application and every change to an existing one migrates a little more of the computing platform to a superior and inherently flexible architecture.

What businesses need from their information systems and infrastructure continues to change fast. Today’s premium is on speed and innovation. Fortunately, technologies and techniques have also advanced fast – to the point where we can implement much more flexible and all-purpose information systems platforms. Businesses can have consistency, scale, and operational performance where they need it, and they can put many of the same technology assets to use to experiment and innovate. We can’t know what changes we’ll face tomorrow, but we can make our most important information systems much more change-able. We can answer those six questions in the affirmative.