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Generative AI Glossary

The Salesforce Generative AI Glossary

Salesforce has built and maintains a fairly definitive glossary of generative Artificial Intelligence terminology, Tectonic thought was good enough to share in our insights. Salesforce Generative AI Glossary. Help everyone in your company understand key generative AI terms, and what they mean for your customer relationships. Fun fact: This article was (partially) written using generative

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salesforce einstein analytics and hospitality

Trust in AI Data

As companies rapidly embrace Artificial Intelligence and realize its benefits, trust must be their top priority. And to instill trust in AI, they must first instill trust in the data that powers it. Think about data as a well-balanced diet for AI — you’re healthiest when you avoid junk food and consume all the proper

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Salesforce Data Cloud

Salesforce Data Cloud Evolution

Data Cloud stands as the fastest-growing organically built product in Salesforce’s history, signifying a significant milestone in solving the enduring data problem within Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Salesforce Data Cloud Evolution since its beginnings is an interesting story. With an average of 928 systems per company, identity resolution becomes challenging, especially when managing more than

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Salesforce Sales Cloud Unlimited

Introducing Salesforce Sales Cloud Unlimited

You might have caught wind of the latest addition to the Sales Cloud family – the “Unlimited” edition. In this exploration, we’ll delve into the core functionalities of Sales Cloud Unlimited, a robust offering designed to elevate day-to-day sales tasks within the Salesforce environment and boost overall productivity. Sales Cloud Unlimited is all about aiding

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Salesforce Einstein and Einstein Automate

Einstein Trust

Generative AI, Salesforce, and the Commitment to Trust The excitement surrounding generative AI is palpable as it unlocks new dimensions of creativity for individuals and promises significant productivity gains for businesses. Engaging with generative AI can be a great experience, whether creating superhero versions of your pets with Midjourney or crafting pirate-themed poems using ChatGPT. 

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Salesforce Chat GPT

What’s Happening with ChatGPT and Salesforce

ChatGPT and Salesforce The integration of ChatGPT with Salesforce presents an opportunity to streamline organizational processes, resulting in significant time savings. This integration not only enhances CRM data management with generative AI but also takes the customer experience to new heights. Integration Process: To integrate ChatGPT with Salesforce, the typical process involves creating an account

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cybersecurity and AI

Cybersecurity and AI

Within the expansive and rapidly growing digital domain, IT leaders and organizations confront an array of cybersecurity threats, akin to modern-day magicians working with tricks and deceptions to steal digital secrets. To counter these threats against cybersecurity and AI, businesses must bolster their defenses. Among the prominent cybersecurity concerns, three primary threats persistently trouble IT

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Data Management for AI

Who Are the AI Evangelists?

Who Are the AI Evangelists? What are the responsibilities of an AI evangelist? As a Technology Evangelist, your role entails guiding third-party developers in adopting the most effective strategies for creating innovative AI/ML-driven applications on platforms. You’ll facilitate the adoption of essential tools and frameworks like Core ML, Create ML, Vision, VisionKit, Speech, Natural Language,

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