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steps to embrace ai

Steps to Embrace AI

The world is evolving rapidly, with AI playing a transformative role. Despite concerns about AI’s impact on jobs, it has the potential to empower and simplify our lives. Rather than replacing humans, AI can automate routine tasks, allowing individuals to focus on more creative and value-added work. The future lies in human-AI collaboration, requiring us to prepare for a shift in roles and responsibilities.

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Customer Satisfaction

Tectonic’s Approach to Ensuring Salesforce Customer Satisfaction

by Tectonic’s Sean McSkimming Scenarios of Assorted Levels of Customer Satisfaction – Ensuring Salesforce Customer Satisfaction Are you having satisfaction issues during or after your Salesforce implementation? Are you not happy with the Salesforce solution or implementation provided to you? Or are you seeing low user adoption after the implementation has gone live? This can

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Salesforce Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement from Salesforce

Sales enablement from Salesforce encompasses the utilization of content, coaching, training, and technology. By bringing it all together to facilitate the onboarding of sales representatives, enhance their skills, and optimize their selling capabilities.  The responsibility is on sales leaders to establish impactful enablement strategies that directly contribute to revenue goals and to demonstrate their effectiveness.

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Cloud Based Business Solutions

AI Fundamental Role in the Future of Business

AI is not a novel concept, but its pivotal role in shaping the future of business is rapidly emerging. Particularly, generative AI stands out as a transformative advancement with far-reaching implications for our lives and enterprises. However, merely investing in the technical capabilities of AI is insufficient. For AI Fundamental Role in the Future of

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Tectonic at a Glance

Tectonic delivered over 500 successful implementations. Tectonic at a Glance 4.9 Customer Satisfaction Rating Salesforce partner delivering innovative business results through Sales, Service,  Marketing, & Experience Clouds. Tectonic at a Glance We help our customers transform their organizations to be more data-driven through: Contact Tectonic today. ​ Like Related Posts Top Ten Reasons Why Tectonic Loves the

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Salesforce Stakeholders

Who Are Your Salesforce Stakeholders?

Understanding the intricacies of Salesforce and using it effectively to support business processes is crucial for admins and developers. However, the significance of communication skills is often overlooked in technical training. Beyond technical expertise, vital non-technical skills, such as active listening and extracting relevant information from business stakeholders, play a pivotal role in addressing Salesforce

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