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Apple's Privacy Changes: A Call for Email Marketing Innovation

Apple’s Privacy Changes: A Call for Email Marketing Innovation

Apple’s Privacy Changes: A Call for Email Marketing Innovation As Apple’s new privacy features roll out, email marketers face a pivotal moment. Here’s how to adapt and innovate in response. The announcement of Apple’s new privacy features earlier this summer sent shockwaves through the email marketing community. These changes, set to debut in the upcoming

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Nonprofit Marketers Focus on Data and Innovation

A primary focus on internal data and tools will help nonprofits solve their larger challenges of making decisions and collaborating to provide a better constituent experience. Nonprofit Marketers Focus on Data and Innovation to accomplish this. Nonprofits are prioritizing unifying data sources so that information can be shared across the organization. This makes sense, as

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salesforce marketing cloud interaction studio

Adobe Marketing Cloud vs Salesforce Marketing Cloud

In the realm of marketing automation tools, Adobe Marketing Cloud vs Salesforce Marketing Cloud stand out as two of the most widely used platforms. Both platforms offer robust solutions for managing marketing campaigns, personalizing content, and measuring return on investment (ROI). Feature Overview: Adobe Marketing Cloud vs. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Adobe Marketing Cloud: Emphasizing ‘cross-channel

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Improve Email Deliverability Rates

Enhancing email deliverability doesn’t have to be hard. By taking these simple steps, you can boost customer engagement and trim unnecessary email expenses, by improving email deliverability rates. Litmus and Salesforce have collaborated to craft a comprehensive four-part guide, empowering you to nail email deliverability intricacies and develop a proactive and all-encompassing strategy for your

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Sending Emails Through Salesforce

What is CASL and Does It Impact Companies in the United States?

Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL) protects consumers and businesses from the misuse of digital technology, including spam and other electronic threats. It also aims to help businesses stay competitive in a global, digital marketplace. Does CASL apply in the US? CASL requires all businesses to obtain and document consent to send commercial emails to Canadians. This

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Salesforce Campaigns

Campaign in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

What is a campaign in Salesforce Marketing Cloud? Campaigns help organize your marketing plan and assets. Plus, when you set up your campaign records effectively, they contain valuable data that you can use to optimize future efforts. What are campaigns in Salesforce Marketing Cloud for? A Salesforce Campaign in Marketing Cloud is a group of

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

What is the Difference in Lists and a Data Extensions in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

There are two different methods to store and segment subscriber data within Marketing Cloud: Lists and Data Extensions. Lists have limited functionality, whereas Data Extensions provide full flexibility to store and relate subscriber information. Salesforce Marketing Cloud lists and data extensions are the primary ways to manage your subscriber data. What is the difference between

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Sending Emails Through Salesforce

Journey Builder or Automation Studio

Both Journey Builder and Automation Studio are robust tools available to Marketing Cloud customers. However, determining when to use each one and how they complement each other can sometimes be confusing. Automation Studio primarily focuses on ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes in marketing automation. It enables marketers to integrate data from various systems and automate

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Salesforce and Marketo

Marketo and Salesforce Integration

Marketo Engage and Salesforce integration forms a seamless email marketing partnership, ensuring synchronization of your sales and marketing data. Marketo constantly syncs with Salesforce, operating throughout the day. The synchronization process involves periodic intervals with a 5-minute pause before resuming.  During a single sync session, Marketo makes 25 API calls to check if your Salesforce

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