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Data Collection

Marketing Cloud Personalization Explained

Marketing Cloud Personalization introduces an advanced level of customization for both you and your clients. By tracking customer interactions on your website, the system can adjust messaging on web pages and customize experiences based on the products and services that interest your customer. With Marketing Cloud Personalization (formerly Interaction Studio), visualize, track, and manage customer

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Custom Preference Center in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Improve your customer relationships by seamlessly integrating the Salesforce core Individual object with the Marketing Cloud profile center and subscription center when creating a custom preference center. Consider the following design considerations to optimize this process: Understanding the Preference Center: A preference center serves as a centralized contact management tool, empowering customers to: Customizing a

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio

Subscriber Data in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Access and modify subscriber information directly from Subscriber Properties. The modifications made in this section have a comprehensive impact on Email Studio. Subscriber Data in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. What defines a subscriber in Salesforce? A subscriber is an individual who has chosen to receive communications from your organization. Each subscriber must have a valid email

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Einstein Send Time Optimization

Salesforce Send Time Optimization Einstein

Einstein Send Time Optimization (STO) in Marketing Cloud Engagement revolutionizes message delivery by leveraging machine learning to predict the most effective times for engagement. This feature aids marketers in enhancing email and push notification engagement by automating the analysis of each contact’s optimal send time. Key Highlights of Einstein Send Time Optimization: Einstein Send Time

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