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Salesforce Tableau Pulse

Tableau Pulse

Tableau Pulse, fueled by Tableau Artificial Intelligence and exclusive to Tableau Cloud, revolutionizes the data ingestion experience. The ability to empower business users with intelligent, personalized insights seamlessly integrated into their workflows. Whereas once upon a time AI for the lay user was about as friendly as asking Siri a question which she Googles for

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Salesforce BI

Power BI and Salesforce

Does Salesforce work with Power BI? Connecting Power BI can be accomplished in several ways. The easiest way is through Power BI connectors. Depending on the data you want to connect, you can either use the Salesforce Objects or Salesforce Reports connector. Can Power BI extract data from Salesforce? Yes. Power BI is a popular

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Cloud Based Business Solutions

Data Strategies in AI

The demand for reliable data has been a longstanding requirement. Driven by the continuous pursuit of real-time personalization and improved business efficiencies. The advent of Generative AI has further intensified these needs, prompting analytics and IT leaders to strengthen their data foundations. Data Strategies in AI A significant 86% of analytics and IT leaders acknowledge

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Tableau vs Datorama

What is the Difference Between Datorama and Tableau?

In the current business environment, customer and prospect data serve as the driving force in most everything we do, emphasizing the importance of analyzing, understanding, and acting on accurate data for informed decision-making. Business Intelligence (BI) tools like Datorama and Tableau play an important role in facilitating these processes. This insight conducts a comparative analysis

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public sector and tribal governent

What is BI in Salesforce?

Salesforce BI helps to create fast, digestible reports to help you make informed decisions at the right time. Salesforce Einstein is a leading business intelligence software solution that will help streamline your operations. Read on in this insight to learn how Salesforce BI capabilities including Tableau rank in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Make the right

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Salesforce Einstein and Einstein Automate

Salesforce Analytics in the Insurance Industry

In the insurance sector, data analytics are an indispensable tool for making informed decisions and achieving measurable, positive business outcomes. Salesforce analytics in insurance, and data can make all the difference. The current landscape poses heightened and more frequent risks, presenting substantial threats to carriers, reinsurers, and brokers across various business lines. Salesforce Analytics in

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A World Series Lesson for Your Business

The Houston Astros won the World Series last night.  The first time the organization has won the World Series since the club was established in 1962.  Since its foundation, the organization has an aggregate won-loss record of less than .500, and more recently been perennial losers and bottom dwellers. Jim Crane, a successful billionaire entrepreneur,

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