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add-ons for public sector solutions salesforce

Add-Ons for Salesforce Public Sector

Enhance your Public Sector Solutions implementation by incorporating add-ons. For instance, consider obtaining an add-on license for CRM Analytics, featuring prebuilt dashboards with predictive analytics to enhance constituent service. Alternatively, opt for an add-on license for Intelligent Document Reader, utilizing optical character recognition to extract data from paper-based forms and supplementary documents directly into Salesforce records. Further, explore add-on licenses for Einstein Relationship Insights, additional calls for the Business Rules Engine, or extra business and individual application forms.

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Salesforce Data Cloud

Salesforce Data Cloud License Offer

At Dreamforce 2023, Salesforce announced that Data Cloud free licenses are now included for all Enterprise Edition or above customers so they can become familiar with the new capabilities and develop use case ideas for Salesforce Data Cloud. Salesforce Data Cloud License Offer! Are you taking advantage of Salesforce Data Cloud’s customer 360 capabilities when

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Better Sales and Services with Salesforce Unlimited Edition

Granular Data Center Overview

Granular Data Center Overview in Marketing Cloud Intelligence The Granular Data Center is an advanced feature tailored for ingesting detailed, raw data into the system. This data can reach a scale of hundreds of millions or even billions of rows due to its granularity. Unlike other data stream types, usage and pricing are based on

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Tableau's Einstein Copilot

Tableau’s Einstein Copilot

Tableau’s Einstein Copilot: Streamlining Data Analysis with AI Tableau, on its mission to empower individuals in comprehending and interpreting their data for over two decades, has found success thanks to data analysts. These professionals, integral to organizations fostering a data-centric culture, capture business requirements, prepare data, and craft data content for end users. While data

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Salesforce Copilot

What is Einstein Copilot for Salesforce?

What Is Einstein Copilot for Salesforce? Salesforce Copilot service operates similarly to other generative AI tools in the customer experience landscape. Users can instruct the tool to automatically respond to customer queries with pertinent, personalized answers based on company data. Is Copilot Safe to Use? Concerned about the safety of using Copilot? Rest assured, you

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Customer Satisfaction

Tectonic’s Approach to Ensuring Salesforce Customer Satisfaction

by Tectonic’s Sean McSkimming Scenarios of Assorted Levels of Customer Satisfaction – Ensuring Salesforce Customer Satisfaction Are you having satisfaction issues during or after your Salesforce implementation? Are you not happy with the Salesforce solution or implementation provided to you? Or are you seeing low user adoption after the implementation has gone live? This can

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Trust Through Effective Data Access

Generate Trust Through Effective Data Access

Trust Through Effective Data Access Objective: Empower your teams with data access to encourage proactive decision-making. Simplify your business’s data landscape by tailoring team members’ access, ensuring they can readily find the pertinent information. Implementation: Incorporate role-based licensing with built-in governance to create trust through effective data access. Distribute data broadly across your organization, ensuring

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Salesforce Backup and Recovery

Salesforce Backup – A Safety Measure for Your Data Treasure

On August 15, 2023, Salesforce shared the widespread availability of Salesforce Backup and Recovery, a native backup and restore solution meticulously crafted to ensure the security of customers’ invaluable data. Engineered for user-friendly operation, Salesforce Backup automatically generates backup copies of business data, allowing any organization to effortlessly restore data and recover from even the

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Salesforce Flow

Einstein Flow and Generative AI

By Shannan Hearne, Tectonic Marketing Consultant Based on Nov 2023 Salesforce post from Cesar Castro As part of the ongoing evolution of Salesforce’s Einstein AI, Salesforce provided an update on how Einstein is impacting one of your favorite tools in your Salesforce admin toolkit: Salesforce Flow. Flow, with its numerous powerful capabilities, has been instrumental

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