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Which Industries Use Salesforce

Which Industries Use Salesforce?

Salesforce’s comprehensive industry solutions cater to specific needs across a wide array of business sectors, making it a crucial tool for businesses seeking tailored CRM solutions. Its adaptability and industry-focused approach have contributed to its widespread adoption across various domains.

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Spring ’24 Enhancements for Salesforce Mulesoft, Slack, and Salesforce Customer Success

Enhancements for Salesforce Mulesoft, Slack, and Salesforce Customer Success Spring ’24. Anypoint Code Builder for Desktop MuleSoft Design, develop, and deploy APIs and integrations from a single environment. RPA—Unified Flow MuleSoft The Spring ’24 release brings together features and enhancements that streamline business-IT collaboration, reduce time-to-value, and maximize efficiency. These include new I/O variables based

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Industry Cloud

Salesforce Industry Cloud Explained

What are Salesforce industry clouds? Salesforce Industry Cloud aims to fast-track the digital transformation within different industries by providing tailored solutions that can enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and improve overall business efficiency.  Industry cloud platforms use innovative technologies and approaches, such as packaged business capabilities, industry-aware data fabrics and composable tooling to go beyond

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MuleSoft Direct for Industry Cloud

Announcing MuleSoft Direct for Salesforce Industry Clouds

MuleSoft provides the easy-to-use tools you need to automate your way to higher productivity and lower costs.  Announcing MuleSoft Direct for Salesforce Industry Clouds! Salesforce and MuleSoft have introduced a groundbreaking connectivity solution, MuleSoft Direct for Industry Clouds, designed to expedite project delivery and foster innovation within specific industries. This solution empowers both business and

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Salesforce Industries

Salesforce Industries Acronyms

Here is a helpful glossary of terms you are likely to encounter when discussing Salesforce Industries (formerly Vlocity). Salesforce Industries Acronyms. Salesforce Industries Acronyms Acronym Meaning Industry Cloud Definition AAR Account-Account Relationships Financial Services Cloud A feature to relate households with businesses and organizations. For example, it can be a relationship between a household and

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Industry Cloud

Tectonic’s Salesforce Industry Experience

Tectonic’s Salesforce Industry Experience spans 16+ years of work focused on certain industry areas. Tectonic has worked in all of the following industries implementing and customizing Salesforce: Put Tectonic’s Industry Experience to work for your organization. Our industry and Salesforce expertise will have you up and running in no time. Casino Case Study Government Case

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Salesforce Slack Integration

Slack and Salesforce Announce Industry Specific Solutions

As the pace of digital transformation accelerates, businesses seek solutions to enhance productivity, foster connection and collaboration, and automate workflows in an increasingly digital-centric environment. Slack and Salesforce Industry Specific Solutions are leading the charge. Every company, regardless of size, can benefit from a digital platform that dismantles silos, fostering connectivity among people, tools, and

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Salesforce Service Cloud

Improved Agent Efficiency With Salesforce Service Cloud Customization

Are your service representatives finding the Lightning Service Console too cluttered? Salesforce Service Cloud customization to the rescue! Whether you’re planning to optimize your Service Cloud or seeking quick enhancements for your service team, there’s a plethora of features and tips available to boost the efficiency of your Service Cloud. If you haven’t implemented a

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