Data Insights for Everyone.

Big data can be “overwhelming data” if you don’t uncover the story it’s telling. Cut through the noise to reveal the power and value in your data with compelling data insight strategies to communicate precisely what is happening and what you can do about it.

Tectonic will work with you at any, or all, stages of your data insights program by:

  • Identifying insights, opportunities, and business value from structured and unstructured data sources.
  • Integrating modern data visualization tools and center of excellence for analytics.
  • Utilizing pre-built applications, where appropriate.
  • Develop/build system and code designs for the output of analytics and visualizations

Find Answers in Your Data

Data drives business success, but only if it’s reliable and available to the right people – at the right time. In the past, getting that information into the right hands was a time-consuming and tedious process of meticulously defining the information needs, report formats, and delivery schedules. But, today’s tools empower decision-makers to uncover valuable insight within minutes, that only a few years ago would have required lengthy development cycles with expert IT resources.

Powerful, intuitive access to enterprise data transforms “data consumers” across the organization into “information producers.” This data discovery work provides people – from all areas of the enterprise – access to the same core business data. It also ensures consistency and accuracy of the results, allowing decision-makers to focus on the outcomes instead of arguing over the data.

Additionally, data visualization tools, like Qlik or Tableau, have been developed specifically to reduce the complexity of creating integrated dashboards. Instead they help to tell a story and reveal new insights from business data. And, if that data is spread across multiple platforms, like Salesforce, Google BigQuery, Hadoop, and traditional relational databases, these tools can connect and integrate that data without the need for complex system integrations. All that is needed is an access point.

Tectonic offers comprehensive Qlik and Tableau data visualization implementation services, including development augmentation, managed services, full-breadth training, and the integration of advanced analytics applications (like Alteryx and R), connectors (like Google’s BiqQuery and essential social media and marketing apps), add-ons (like GeoQlik and BIReports) – all, specifically designed to maintain and enhance your data discovery environment.

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Create Static Reports

Not all analysts need the ability to explore data through a powerful and feature-rich data discovery tool, but ALL can benefit from the graphically-descriptive presentation capabilities (analytic reporting) offered by such tools. Until recently, this was an all-or-nothing proposition — either powerful and complex or flat and featureless reporting. But now, Analytic Reporting tools span this gap by enabling pixel-perfect, distribution-ready reports based on your data discovery tools!

Tools like BIReport, from BINetwork, connect directly into your Qlik environment and produce easily distributed and shared analytic reports. And, BIReport can even lighten the load on your Qlik Server by selectively archiving data, scheduling execution, and even combining information from multiple Qlik files into a single report! Now, everyone throughout your organization can benefit from visually, rich presentation of information to improve the speed and effectiveness of decision making — from high-end data discovery experts to rank-and-file information consumers!

Tectonic is a BINetwork service provider and has the expertise to connect, develop, and train your organization on how to integrate this highly-productive analytic reporting tool into your data discovery environment.

Visualize Space and Territory

For thousands of years, maps have been powerful tools for everyone from traders to emperors. Their unique ability to convey rich and relevant data should make them one of the go-to tools for any analyst. Today, thanks to geospatial analysis tools and the rich metadata available from Mobile, POS systems, and the Internet of Things, businesses can now have up-to-the-moment mapping of valuable business processes such as customer activity, shipping and receiving, or network conditions.

Most every business today can gain improved insights by correlating business process performance with geospatial analysis visualizations. These may be based on zip code, sales territories, or even individual addresses with drill-up and drill-down capabilities just a click away. A leader in this market space is GeoQlik, which leverages one of the best of the new breed of big data visualization tools, Qlik. This integration allows you to add geospatial representation to your existing Qlik analytics, leveraging the work you have already done while adding powerful new capabilities!

DataSwatAccording to The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI), data quality problems is estimated to cost U.S. businesses more than $600 billion a year. Data quality problems can cause significant challenges to your organization. For instance, the inability to make sound decisions based on accurate information or low customer satisfaction and loss of customers.

So, how can organizations counteract these challenges and achieve high data quality? By treating data as a strategic corporate initiative with a commitment from leadership and by developing and implementing a program focused solely on managing data quality.

Understanding and counteracting data quality problems is why Tectonic developed a program called Data Swat. Powered by Alteryx, Data Swat provides rapid data profiling, defines data quality checks, cleanses and prepares data for business use. In essence, Data Swat is a unique blend of experienced and seasoned data integration and quality professionals who are well-versed in Alteryx and can work with business stakeholders to understand the requirements; work with IT to understand the data; and deliver well-prepared and cleansed data for warehousing, analytics, visualization, or reporting purposes.

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