Data Science

Getting ahead of the curve is tricky and knowing what is happening is only part of the challenge. Predicting what will happen and what to do about it is the key to getting ahead of your competition and staying there. Data Science adds the statistical tools and complex event processing capabilities to your data environment to give you the edge!

Tectonic will work with you to enable innovative predictive and prescriptive analytics to support key business objectives for your data science program, including:

  • Establish data science capabilities.
  • Integrate modern advanced analytic tools and center of excellence.
  • Develop and implement statistical modeling to extract insights into existing business processes and platforms.

Find Out What Will Happen Next

The ability to predict the future would produce indisputable benefits for any organization. While this has long been the quest of advanced analytics, until recently, most results have looked more like a “Magic 8-Ball.” But today, thanks to the convergence of explosive data growth — matched with unparalleled computing power — our ability to anticipate changes in the marketplace have never been greater. By leveraging this wealth of data from both internal and third-party systems, patterns can be detected and models can be created which reveal a high degree of correlation between leading and lagging indicators. In short, with the right information, tools, and techniques, you can finally predict the future!

Through the of use predictive analytics, companies are already realizing significant savings and increased asset utilization through condition-based maintenance versus schedule-based maintenance. Others are first to market with new products or services by effectively anticipating market demand based on customer sentiment, market conditions, and other external factors. In short, predictive analytics is providing revenue growth for those companies who have mastered it.

Today, powerful statistical capabilities are available to everyone through the open source language R and tools, like Alteryx, which provide a powerful and intuitive interface to blend and visualize data. These tools empower your best analysts to create your own unique statistical models to provide true competitive advantage for your business — something standard models just can’t do!

Faster Insights with Data Blending

Getting data is no longer the big problem for most organizations, but data preparation and blending in order to make the data useful is still frequently a frustratingly slow and painful process. For instance, you have customer information from your billing system, your support system, and your sales system but getting an integrated view of your customers across these systems may require provisioning a server, getting sign-off from three directors, obtaining a legal review, and funding a nine-month project. And, if you want to incorporate purchased third-party data, double that!

But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Thanks to powerful new tools, like Alteryx, any analyst with access to a dataset — any dataset — can combine that data flexibly without all the red tape. And, if you’ve got data quality issues, Alteryx can apply data cleansing rules and fuzzy match logic to prevent bad data from producing bad results. Alteryx’s intuitive user interface and powerful workflow engine make it easy to design, test, schedule, and reuse your work, speeding your time-to-insight and improving consistency across your organization.

Unlock Your Data’s Potential

For years, business has been managed and controlled through spreadsheets. Data was shoehorned into rows and columns to present a picture of business performance. But, business exists, not in the two dimensions of rows and columns, but in all four dimensions of time and space. By adding time and location to your business analysis, you gain richer understanding of how your real business processes operate in the real world!

Spatial analytics provides the ability for your organization to identify correlations between events you can control and those you cannot — everything from fires and floods to festivals and feasts. Learning how everyday events in the real world affect your bottom line provides insight into how to prepare for expected events and how to respond to the unexpected. Even knowing the difference between your customer’s buying patterns close to home verses on the road, can allow you to adjust your service to better meet their wants and needs.

To better meet *your* needs beyond the spreadsheet, Alteryx provides powerful and intuitive capabilities to analyze the “where and when” alongside your traditional measures. Alteryx allows you to incorporate spatial data and integrate with Tableau, ESRI, and MapInfo and also includes a prepackaged spatial and customer data option.

Your analysis has been imprisoned in the cells of a spreadsheet for too long. It’s time to set it free and gain some real insight. Archipelago and Alteryx hold the key to unlocking your data’s potential.

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