Consumer Services: Retail, Travel & Hospitality

Companies in the consumer services industry are faced with many challenges, for instance, meeting high expectations and satisfaction levels, ensuring a positive customer journey, bridging the omni-channel commerce gap, obtaining a 360 degree view of their customers and deeper insights, and many more. On top of that companies have to worry about earning their customers and keeping them, while reducing customer care costs. With Tectonic’s extensive experience in the consumer service industry, we are able to help companies actively manage and improve their customer experience, energize and empower employees, create value for its customers and build a seamless, engaging, next-generation experience across all channels. Some sample solutions include:

  • Centralizing customer data for mobile capabilities
  • Standardizing customer interactions across all channels
  • Developing a customer engagement optimizer
  • Empowering team member with real-time targeted information
  • Increasing cross-sell revenue and customer prospecting opportunities
  • Improving loyalty and retention
  • Deepening customer experience via personalized service touchpoints
  • Automating business processes
  • Enabling personalized and profitable marketing campaigns
  • Streamlining IT operations
  • Integrating multiple systems and data sources

Sample Customers