Media and Entertainment

The media and entertainment industry is amazingly dynamic. Disruptive technologies and offerings come into the market place almost daily. Demographics and customer needs change rapidly challenging the status-quo. Tectonic has the expertise to help you build a strong strategy that focuses on your customers evolving needs allowing you to delight them every time they use your services. Tectonic’s Insight to Action solutions transform data into knowledge and wanderers into loyal, profitable customers. Sample solutions include:

  • Integrating multiple systems, processes and data sources to obtain a holistic view of pipeline and customer profiles
  • Defining and developing a unified sales process – automating pricing, workflows and management approvals
  • Streamlining customer service processes with additional automation systems to remove duplicate data entry and track timed activities against various levels of service contracts
  • Creating a 1:1 experience to return and grow new subscribers in an on-demand/streaming market
  • Defining, designing and implementing data warehouse and custom analytics platform
  • Identifying marketing automation needs to position new products offerings to targeted customers
  • Enabling a 360 degree view of customer
  • Accessing inventory in real-time with quote integration
  • Implementing a wizard-driven opportunity entry to control production options and control inventory availability
  • Implementing a corporate partnership management systems for sponsorships, signage, TV/radio ads, activation spaces/promotions, naming rights, ticket banks and copyright/trademarks
  • Integrating communities to develop a custom calendar of all events across organization

Sample Customers: