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At their best, customer relationship management (CRM) systems shapes behaviors based on insight about your customers and constituents. Tectonic knows the secret to happier clients and more successful CRM transformation and action system implementations: focus on business process and user adoption first, technology second.

CRM Systems Are, By Definition, Action Systems.

It’s a philosophy that’s led to part of what Gartner highlighted when they profiled us among an elite group of eight CRM consultancies, and CIO Review Magazine naming us as one of the 20 Most Promising Salesforce Solution Providers.

Additionally, in partnership with Blackbaud, Microsoft, and Oracle, Tectonic implements, integrates and manages CRM sales, marketing and customer service systems for joint clients across the globe.

Effective CRM transformation starts long before product selection and doesn’t stop upon implementation. CRM is first and foremost a business discipline which requires proper alignment of the people, processes, and technologies to achieve the business objectives. While many vendors may have the technical expertise to assist you with tool configuration, Tectonic stands out from the crowd in our ability to help align your strategic goals with your business realities to assure the most profitable CRM transformation for your organization.

Our very own “Insight to Action” (i2a) methodology ensures that your CRM transformation is properly designed for your organization to succeed. We start by focusing on your business objectives, business processes, human resources, and existing infrastructure before we begin identifying candidate solution platforms. This allows us to propose a solution which fits your organization instead of forcing your organization to adopt a poor fitting approach.

And since we have deep expertise in multiple solution platforms, we can guide you to the one which best fits your needs. And it’s not just us or our clients who testify to our expertise — industry experts and CRM tool vendors themselves have endorsed Tectonic.

When a proper CRM transformation has been designed and an appropriate solution platform has been identified, the task of implementing the program is an equal mix of technical skill and business acumen. The most technologically elegant solution will fail if it is not properly introduced and supported though business processes and training. In fact, far too many CRM initiatives fail — even after significant cost overruns. The reason for this is not the platform and usually not even the technological configuration. The reason is the “soft” issues of business process, training, and program implementation.

Tectonic has helped to provide over 400 successful CRM implementations and is ready to help you keep yours on track. Our “Insight to Action” (i2a) methodology ensures that these “soft” issues are addressed throughout your implementation right along with a technological configuration which will ensure long-term sustained value and low cost of ownership.

The days of stand-alone systems are long gone and any CRM implementation which fails to take this into account is at best missing out on significant value and at worst destined for complete failure. Properly integrating a CRM transformation with other enterprise initiatives isn’t even on the radar for many vendors or their customers, but this is a huge mistake. At its best, a CRM transformation will impact the very fabric of who a company is and how it operates with its customers and as such it needs to have a ripple effect throughout an organization and its systems.

Tectonic knows this and has integrated this important need into its own “Insight to Action” (i2a) methodology to ensure that your initial implementation is made with a long range, achievable vision in mind. Our experts then ensure that the necessary platform and processes are put into place to get you started and to keep you moving toward that goal.

Let’s face it, the cloud has changed everything and has provided small and mid-sized businesses with big business horsepower while simultaneously giving big businesses small shop agility. But this is only true for those who know how to take full advantage of it. Tectonic can help you achieve this power and flexibility regardless of where you sit on the spectrum because we are experts in cloud technologies — especially those supporting CRM.

We have simple support models ranging from level 3 type support to fully managed services and multiple SLA/SLO options, ensuring that you will find your “right-sized” support model for your CRM platform.

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