B2C Marketing Automation

Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows business to consumer marketers to proactively interact with customers and prospects in real time and shape their behavior, create brand loyalty and increase revenue.

Marketing Cloud brilliantly uses the tools – Journey Builder, Content and Messaging Platform, Customer Data Platform and Predictive Intelligence across all channels to knit together an amazing customer experience – Let Tectonic help you create great customer journeys!

We provide services and strategy around all channels of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud suite. Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Social Studio
  • Journey Builder
  • Predictive Intelligence
  • Implementation/Configuration
  • Orchestrated Multi-Channel Customer Experiences
  • MobilePush & MobileConnect
  • CRM Integration
  • API Consulting

Tectonic helped a customer become more effective marketers with the implementation of Marketing Cloud:

A Colorado service association did not have any channels to directly interact and share valuable information with its customer and members creating knowledge gaps about its offerings, customer service and potential innovation and new business opportunities. Tectonic implemented Buddy Media, a Salesforce.com solution (now part of Social Studio in the Salesforce.com Marketing Cloud). With this implementation the organization was able to communicate, share information and learn in real time about its customers’ and members’ needs and ideas. This new level of interaction and engagement empowered the organization to increase customer retention, loyalty and revenue.

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