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You Didn’t Just Hear It From Us

“We now have a modern and adaptive set of CRM processes that will provide a platform for innovation, help fuel our growth, and bring real strategic value to our company for years to come.”

Terry Wisner, Executive Vice President

“We have a special partner relationship with Tectonic based on open communication. Their experienced professionals helped set clear goals and expectations, delivering much faster than expected.”

Michael Rutz, Vice President of Sales

“With the help from Tectonic and an integrated Pardot and Sales Cloud solution, we push leads directly to our dealers and drive more sales with greater scale and tremendous velocity than ever before.”

Brandon Luhring, Senior Business Analyst

“Tectonic’s experts know the Salesforce system inside and out and they know our organization. Because of these two key factors, they are able to effectively support us in aligning Salesforce with our enterprise goals. I don’t know what we’d do without them.”

Tim Kieklow, Business Technology Manager

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