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Manufacturing Cloud

Manufacturing Cloud

Transforming the Manufacturing Sector’s Digital Efficiency with Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Solutions

Manufacturing Solutions built on the Salesforce platform

Tectonic enables digital transformation in the manufacturing sector with Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud.  Manufacturing Cloud serves as a comprehensive, manufacturing-centric platform for managing the entire book of business and customer service lifecycle, fostering collaboration and transparency among sales, operations, and partners. This digital customer engagement platform, built on the Einstein 1 Platform, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud, integrates data, AI, and analytics to enhance daily operations.

Key Features:

Unified Digital Experience:

Performance for Account Teams:

Revenue Management Orchestration:

Manufacturing Cloud for Sales and Service:



How Manufacturers Use Salesforce:

Manufacturing companies leverage Salesforce for sales, customer service, partner and channel portals, marketing, and e-commerce. The platform accommodates third-party systems when needed, and is easily integrated with third-party apps by Tectonic.

Components of Manufacturing Cloud:

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud brings together manufacturing data, customer orders, and product inventory into a centralized location, reimagining front and middle office processes. It manages the complete book of business from opportunity to order management.

Set Up a Partner Portal:

Create a responsive portal for partners to access knowledge articles, collaborate on sales agreements, manage leads, and improve sales and revenue.  Leveraged with Salesforce Experience Cloud.

Additional Manufacturing Cloud Features:

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Overview:

Salesforce Manufacturing addresses challenges faced by manufacturers, offering deeper visibility and collaboration. It integrates seamlessly with ERP solutions, aiding in the transition to automated processes.

Benefits of Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud:

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