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Maximizing Customer Experiences with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Solutions

Tectonic will enable you to maximize every moment with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Gain deep insights into your customers through unified profiles, enabling personalized offers across all channels using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI). Cultivate enduring relationships that propel business growth with the Customer Data Platform.

Unleash the full potential of your customer data by personalizing every interaction with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Utilize Marketing Analytics to optimize campaigns and expenditures, leveraging unified marketing performance data and AI insights. Improve ROI on every campaign. Drive increased conversions with relevant engagement across email, mobile, ads, and web through Marketing Cloud Engagement.

Elevate decision-making speed with Marketing AI, where intelligence is seamlessly integrated into the platform. Enhance personalization across all owned channels using trusted customer data and AI through Personalization features. Streamline your B2B marketing efforts with Marketing Automation, aligning marketing and sales around every account for efficient growth.

Foster greater customer loyalty by aligning marketing and loyalty strategies around VIP customer experiences. Salesforce boosts marketing ROI by an average of 28% post-implementation, and Marketing Cloud helps businesses achieve a 31% average growth in customer engagement.

Why opt for Salesforce Marketing Cloud? It automates repetitive, time consuming tasks, freeing up marketers to focus on strategic activities while enabling personalized interactions and targeted messaging. With robust analytics, businesses can quickly see valuable insights to optimize marketing strategies and measure ROI. Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce’s digital marketing platform, seamlessly automates marketing across email, social media, mobile apps, SMS, websites, and more.

Organizations invest in Salesforce Marketing Cloud to consolidate all marketing channels in one place, empowering marketers to send personalized messages through the right channel at the right time. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a marketing automation platform encompassing email marketing, content creation, SMS sending, mobile push notifications, social media marketing, targeted online advertising, website personalization, powerful segmentation, and data management. Salesforce Marketing Cloud improves the power of your marketing by utilizing your Salesforce CRM data.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud comprises Studios (managing content and specific marketing channels) and Builders (managing data and campaign automation). The SFMC suite includes analytics, Customer Data Platform (CDP), Google plug-ins, and more.

Discover new Marketing Cloud technologies, including Marketing Cloud Einstein with AI-enabled features, Audience Studio, Data Studio, Marketing Cloud Personalization, Google Analytics 360, Distributed Marketing, Marketing Cloud Intelligence, and Loyalty Management.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is designed for marketers, complementing Salesforce Sales Cloud, which caters to sales teams. While Sales Cloud manages the lead-to-revenue cycle, Marketing Cloud handles marketing touchpoints across the entire customer lifecycle, tapping into various datasets beyond Sales Cloud.

Ready for a Marketing Cloud Implementation?

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