Nonprofit Cloud and Nonprofit Success Pack -

Nonprofit Cloud and Nonprofit Success Pack

Managing Your Nonprofit with NGO Tools from Salesforce

Tectonic works with nonprofits to successfully implement Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud and Nonprofit Success Pack. Salesforce stands out as an innovative and optimal CRM platform tailored for nonprofits. Its intuitive interface and customizable features empower nonprofits to efficiently manage daily operations, monitor contributors’ donations, and engage with volunteers more effectively.

Key features and components of Salesforce Data Cloud include:

The platform provides a centralized space for data and insights, assisting nonprofits in making informed decisions, prioritizing initiatives, and ultimately fulfilling their missions. Salesforce NPSP (Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack) specifically caters to the cost-conscious nature of nonprofits, offering benefits that significantly enhance performance.

Nonprofit Cloud, a service provided by Salesforce, is an inclusive CRM solution designed exclusively for nonprofits. It streamlines event management, fundraising, marketing, volunteer management, and communications, enabling nonprofits to deliver exceptional experiences to their constituents.

The NPSP module within Nonprofit Cloud is open-source software providing a suite of tools for fundraising, marketing, and program operations, centralizing supporter management.

Salesforce NPSP facilitates easy giving for donors through various channels, captures inclusive data for a comprehensive view of supporter engagement, and streamlines the identification and cultivation of major donors. In program management, NPSP allows nonprofits to gain a deeper understanding of participants’ needs, make informed decisions, and showcase program impact with real-time data.

The platform’s engagement and marketing capabilities enable nonprofits to understand their community deeply, engage across multiple channels, and measure progress in one centralized location. With a unified view of supporter information,

Salesforce NPSP enhances relationships and operational efficiency by connecting grants and programs within one system.
Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud serves as a digital platform dedicated to helping nonprofits build impactful relationships. Whether managing donor information, measuring fundraising performance, or enhancing donor communications, Salesforce NPSP provides a powerful and flexible solution for nonprofits.

The platform’s security updates and integration capabilities with other applications ensure the safety of donor information and provide real-time updates. With an extensive app store, nonprofits can access over 5,000 apps for various needs, including analytics, finance, human resources, customer service, and marketing.

The platform allows nonprofits to create and manage accounts for donors, businesses, grantees, volunteers, and other organizations. Donor records can be customized based on language, time zone, or currency, ensuring a personalized experience. Security permissions can be assigned to protect donors’ personal information.

Salesforce’s Event Management feature assists nonprofits in planning and executing successful events. It enables organizations to view donor locations on a map, choose event locations strategically, and use event management apps for streamlined data management. The platform supports mobile registration, passbook tickets, and real-time updates, enhancing the overall event experience.

Salesforce Elevate, an integrated fundraising solution, allows US nonprofit organizations to accept one-time and monthly donations through mobile-friendly forms. The platform also facilitates the management of payment data, recurring donations, and customized receipts, providing a comprehensive solution for nonprofits’ fundraising needs.

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