Salesforce Technology Services Integrator – Tectonic has successfully delivered Salesforce in a variety of industries including Public Sector, Hospitality, Manufacturing, and Health Life Sciences.  Read on about Tectonic’s successful Salesforce track record.

Our primary focus is assisting clients with their Salesforce needs to solve business challenges.  We work at the intersection of CRM, Marketing, Big Data, and Analytics.

Public Sector Experience/Focus

Proven Delivery – Tectonic delivers Salesforce Implementation, Integration and Managed Services, utilizing a modified Waterfall / Agile Delivery Method, leveraging US and International Delivery Center (IDC) resources, and delivering with strong, experienced Project Management

Health and Life Sciences Focus

We’ve helped healthcare providers navigate the challenges of moving data, including PHI and PII, into the cloud, providing physician facing services and improving operations.

Salesforce provides comprehensive solutions tailored for the healthcare industry, addressing the specific needs of both payers (insurance providers) and providers (healthcare organizations). These solutions are designed to enhance patient engagement, improve operational efficiency, and drive better health outcomes.

Financial Services Focus

Transforming financial service delivery, optimizing operations, and cultivating community well-being and trust are at the core of Salesforce Financial Services Solutions. By automating every banking customer experience and uniting teams through Salesforce’s intelligence and a shared view of real-time customer data, a comprehensive banking solution is created, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Tectonic's successful Salesforce track record

Travel and Hospitality Focus

Salesforce provides tailored solutions for the hospitality and travel industry, helping businesses in this sector deliver exceptional customer experiences, streamline operations, and drive growth. These solutions leverage the power of the Salesforce Customer 360 platform to centralize data, enhance communication, and provide a personalized experience for guests.

Manufacturing, Distribution, and Energy Focus

We’ve helped small and large manufacturers optimize their sales operations and drive efficiencies in their contact center.

Salesforce offers a suite of solutions tailored for manufacturing and distribution industries to enhance processes, improve collaboration, and drive overall efficiency. These solutions are designed to streamline operations. Designed improve customer relationships and provide valuable insights.

Nonprofit Focus

We’ve helped nonprofits and NGO’s optimize their operations and drive efficiencies in their fundraising and mission efforts.

Salesforce offers a suite of solutions to nurture relationships and scale impact. Solutions with AI-driven, personalized services. Salesforce allows you to take control of your data on a single integrated platform. Nonprofit Cloud brings a nonprofit CRM, fundraising, programs, marketing engagement, and outcomes together in a single product.

Strategic Relationship with Salesforce – Salesforce Ventures invested in Tectonic in Q3 2015.  We maintain strong working relationships with Salesforce License Sales, Professional Services and Alliances. Tectonic’s successful Salesforce track record stems from our great relationship with Salesforce and grows through each customer interaction.

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