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Increasing Service Satisfaction with Salesforce Service Cloud Custom Solutions

Tectonic will help you enhance your company’s operational efficiency and expand the reach of your service with highly personalized, AI-driven assistance for customers through various channels. Seamlessly address customer needs via email, phone, messaging apps, Experience Cloud sites, chat, text, or other omni channel platforms. Automatically direct cases to the most suitable service agent, offering intelligent recommendations based on integrated CRM data with the Einstein 1 Platform. With Salesforce Service Cloud, optimize productivity, expedite case resolutions, and improve customer satisfaction. Empower your service agents with pertinent data and effective tools at their fingertips across all communication channels. Automate case distribution within your service organization, ensuring swift and accurate resolutions for every customer on their preferred communication channel.


Facilitate quick access to optimal solutions and expedite case resolutions through knowledge articles. Effortlessly present relevant articles and resources in your Help Center or agent console, reducing the cognitive load on your customer support team. Enable customers to find information and answers independently, bypassing direct agent interaction.

Salesforce Service Cloud is a CRM platform for providing service and support to business customers. It automates service processes, streamlines workflows, and facilitates one-to-one marketing relationships across channels and devices.

AI-Powered Article Recommendations

Enhance agent productivity and customer satisfaction by suggesting relevant knowledge articles directly within their work environment. Streamline case resolution by recommending articles associated with similar cases. Agents can swiftly choose the most fitting article, attaching it to the case or sending it directly to the customer, saving time on manual searches. Powered by AI, article recommendations get smarter and better with use.

Generative AI-Powered Search Answers

Facilitate rapid customer query resolution by embedding Knowledge base answers into the Help Center or chat through an autonomous bot. Save agent time by automatically generating and sharing answers within their workflow.

Service Cloud Reports and Dashboards

Gain comprehensive insights into quantifiable metrics through pre-built reports and dashboards. Reports and dashboards can be customized and shared automatically. Monitor participation, identify top contributors, and analyze trends to enhance service metrics.

Incident Detection & Response

Anticipate major disruptions with incident management best practices embedded in Salesforce Service Cloud. Monitor systems through integrations to detect potential issues and take proactive action.

Incident Resolution

Diagnose and resolve incidents swiftly with tailored tools and workflows. Streamline collaboration with experts through swarming in the Service Cloud for Slack app. Identify root causes and deploy fixes efficiently.

Broadcast Communications

Build customer confidence and streamline internal communication with centrally managed real-time status updates. Proactively notify customers of active incidents, reducing incoming cases. Keep key stakeholders informed through broadcast alerts in the Service Console or via Slack.

Asset Service Management

Shift from costly reactive to proactive service with real-time asset tracking. Monitor service outcomes and create preventive maintenance plans based on asset use, condition, and specific criteria.

Work Order Management

Simplify work order processes by digitizing the entire lifecycle. Create, assign, execute, and debrief work orders to improve agility, customer satisfaction, and overall efficiency.

Key Features of Salesforce Service Cloud:

Ready for a Salesforce Service Cloud implementation?

Tectonic will help you explore additional features like multilingual support, mobile applications, live agent web chats, role-based permissions, and integration with legacy systems, Community Cloud, and Einstein generative AI and voice technology, ensuring your Salesforce Service Cloud implementation is a valuable addition to your technology stack.

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