Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Salesforce Implementation Solution -

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Salesforce Implementation Solution

Maximizing Customer Experiences with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement High-Level Implementation Services Proposal

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

  • Discovery
    • Determine fields to sync from CRM to Pardot
  • Set up Account Engagement Salesforce CRM Connector
  • Lead Scoring
  • Account Engagement Campaigns
  • Update CRM Lead and Contact pages
  • Website Tracking Code
  • Set up Vanity Tracker Domain for Branded Account Engagement Hosted Links
  • Set up (1) Landing Page
  • Create (1) Drip Campaign​
  • Account Engagement Training​​
    • Set up Landing Pages
    • Create Email Templates
    • Create Drip Campaign
    • Automation Rules
    • Webforms and handlers

Timeline Highlights

Weeks 1 

  • Kickoff 
  • Discovery Sessions 
  • Define Data Model
  • Account Setup

Weeks 2 – 3  

  • Filters/Segmentation
  • Engagement Journey Setup
  • Training
  • Start Loading Templates

Week 4 

  • Go-Live
  • End-User Training
  • Post Deployment Support

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Salesforce Implementation Solution

Tectonic will help you better engage your prospects and clients with precision and elevate customer interactions with B2B marketing automation seamlessly integrated into your Salesforce CRM. Consolidate customer data on a unified platform and broaden your outreach using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Drive effective growth and synchronize your teams with a B2B marketing automation platform.

Lead Generation

Effortlessly construct landing pages and forms using intuitive drag-and-drop builders. Capture and segment leads at the point of entry, guiding them through personalized, automated, cross-channel journeys. Employ AI-powered lead scoring and grading to swiftly nurture leads for marketing qualification.

Cross-Channel Journeys

Connect with all of your prospects across diverse channels by integrating third-party webinar, survey, and SMS apps directly into your marketing programs. Activate webinar and event registrations, survey sends, and SMS sends within your automated, effortless engagement journeys. Seamlessly incorporate engagement data, such as third-party webinar, survey, and SMS data, for intelligent segmentation and campaign maintenance.

Account-Based Engagement

Identify and engage your most promising target accounts. Target and nurture key prospects in collaboration with sales and service teams on a unified platform. Leverage Einstein to pinpoint accounts with the readiness to purchase, based on key account insights. Monitor pipeline progress on target accounts through the Account-Based Marketing Dashboard, refining marketing and sales strategies with actionable insights.

AI Scoring

Eliminate guesswork from lead and account scoring with Einstein. Utilize behavioral data to identify leads most likely to convert based on their interactions. Leverage Einstein’s analysis of key account data to pinpoint accounts with the highest likelihood to make a purchase.

Engagement History Insights

Gain comprehensive insights into your prospects’ interactions. Share and analyze prospect and customer engagement data with sales and service teams. Include Engagment History in Sales and Service Cloud pages.  Identify champions on the buying committee based on prospects’ interactions with your marketing. Utilize dynamic dashboards to understand engagement at the campaign, individual, and account levels. Automatically show engagement history insights in your Salesforce CRM.

Real-Time Sales Alerts

Share key marketing insights with sales and service teams in real time. Alert sales teams instantly when a hot lead fills out a form or is ready to convert. Provide automated, triggered alerts in Sales and Service Cloud or directly in Slack to notify account owners about highly engaged prospects.

Full-Funnel Multi-touch Attribution

Gain holistic marketing and sales insights with AI-powered Multi-Touch Attribution. Select from various attribution models like Einstein Attribution to assess the impact of channels, events, and sales team activities on your pipeline. Enhance campaign efficacy and ROI with AI-driven insights.

Account-Based Marketing Dashboard

Access insights into revenue and pipeline for key accounts. Optimize account-based efforts by understanding their influence on targeted accounts. Share findings with sales to enhance account-based outreach.

Out-of-the-Box Analytics

Understand the impact of marketing on pipeline and revenue with a direct connection to Sales Cloud. Conduct A/B and multivariate testing and leverage out-of-the-box email reporting to comprehend how marketing messages influence the prospect journey. Apply predictive analytics to make strategic decisions and identify campaign factors driving conversion.

Formerly known as Pardot, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement is a B2B marketing automation tool designed to identify your leads most likely to convert. This platform offers a comprehensive suite of features to establish meaningful relationships and empower sales teams to close deals.

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement is a marketing automation platform created by Salesforce to enable businesses to generate and nurture leads. This software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool allows teams to track communications, measure campaign effectiveness, automate tasks, build workflows, personalize content, and more.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Salesforce Implementation Solution

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Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Salesforce Implementation Solution

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