Marketing Cloud Growth extends the platform capabilities to enhance your team’s marketing endeavors. It allows you to integrate multiple data sources with Data Cloud, create content using Digital Experiences, orchestrate complex customer journeys with Flow Builder, and optimize campaigns with Einstein AI.

Required Editions: Available in Salesforce Enterprise and Unlimited Editions with Marketing Cloud Growth Edition.

Marketing Cloud Growth Extends The Platform

Today, Salesforce unveiled Marketing Cloud Growth, a new edition tailored for small businesses to drive efficient growth through CRM, AI, and data integration. Marketing Cloud Growth integrates marketing automation with sales, service, and commerce functionalities on Salesforce’s trusted customer platform, Einstein. Furthermore, Salesforce announced that marketers can leverage Data Cloud at no cost, enabling them to access trusted first-party data crucial for AI-driven, personalized customer experiences.

Marketing Cloud Growth Extends The Platform

Why it matters: Studies show that 51% of marketers use generative AI to streamline tasks like content creation, copywriting, and market data analysis. However, without high-quality first-party data, AI-generated content lacks the accuracy necessary for businesses to trust and utilize it effectively. AI has significant potential to benefit small businesses, which spend nearly 11 hours per week drafting emails—time that could be saved through AI-driven automation for content creation, personalization, and optimized customer communication timing.

By consolidating CRM, AI, and data within a unified platform, these innovations empower businesses to deliver compelling, interconnected customer experiences.

Steve Hammond, EVP and GM, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce perspective: “Marketers want to leverage AI to fuel creativity, drive efficiency, and grow their business, but often lack the necessary data for accurate, trustworthy results. By consolidating CRM, AI, and data within a single platform, these innovations empower businesses to deliver the compelling connected experiences customers expect.”

With Marketing Cloud Growth, small businesses gain access to Data Cloud and generative AI directly within their workflow, integrating multi-channel marketing with sales, service, and commerce on a single platform. New customers can easily start leveraging data and generative AI to:

  • Segment audiences quickly: Generate new audience segments in minutes using natural language prompts, without code.
  • Deliver campaigns and content rapidly: Automatically generate campaign briefs, segments, landing pages, and other content using natural language prompts and pre-built templates.
  • Personalize customer relationships: Unify profiles to power marketing, sales, service, and commerce experiences across email, mobile, and in-person engagements.
  • Optimize campaign performance: Access real-time reporting and user-friendly dashboards.

Additionally, Data Cloud, available at no cost to Salesforce customers, enables:

  • Unified customer views: Connect data across marketing, sales, service, and commerce for consistent customer context.
  • Personalization across channels: Provide customers with more relevant messages and tailored journeys.
  • AI-powered insights: Surface insights to understand customer engagement and optimize revenue.

Go deeper: Data Cloud enables companies to consolidate trapped data into Salesforce, creating a comprehensive 360-degree view of customers across products, services, and interactions. Einstein 1 seamlessly integrates with Data Cloud to unlock organizational data for superior customer experiences, AI-driven employee augmentation, and enhanced profitability.

Manage Your Marketing App: Salesforce admins, Data Cloud admins, and marketing admins configure and manage Marketing Cloud Growth. Determine whether these roles are consolidated or managed by multiple individuals.

Increase Productivity with AI: Predictive and generative AI tools from Einstein in Marketing Cloud Growth enhance work outcomes and day-to-day productivity.

Comply with Privacy Regulations: Stay compliant with privacy and consent regulations using Marketing Cloud Growth’s consent management tools, including default marketing communication subscriptions and a built-in email preference page.

Target Audiences with Marketing Cloud Growth: Utilize Data Cloud data to filter segments, ensuring your campaigns reach the right audience.

Manage Marketing Efforts with Campaigns: Design and automate campaigns in a centralized hub with templated options for content creation.

Manage Content in Marketing Cloud Growth: Organize and create various content types within the Content tab powered by Salesforce CMS.

Measure Success in Marketing Cloud Growth: Monitor performance and campaign success with Data Cloud reports available in the Analytics tab.

Marketing Cloud Growth will initially launch in the United States and Canada, with plans to expand to EMEA by year-end and additional regions thereafter. Salesforce customers with Sales or Service Enterprise Edition (EE) or above can access Data Cloud at no cost.

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