Grants Management Salesforce Implementation Solution -

Grants Management Salesforce Implementation Solution

Improving Grants Management - Salesforce Implementation Solutions

Grants Management High-Level Salesforce Implementation Services Proposal

Timeline:  Approximately 12 weeks (+ 2 weeks Hypercare)

What it includes: 

  • Develop one (1) Salesforce Community / Portal for Grant Applications that will be branded/styled per the Department’s requirements
  • Develop a single guided intake process/form to collect application requirements for the program
  • Set up and Configure the Grantmaker Role which will be responsible for the grant, and reviewing and approving applications
  • Set up and Configure the Grantseeker Role, which will be external members that apply for the funding program by visiting the portal
  • Set up and Configure the Grantee Role, which will be persons outside the organization who receive the disbursements of funds
  • Data Migration of existing grant data (assumed CSV/Excel data source)
  • Develop of up to Five (5) Memos and Letters using standard Salesforce Email Templates
  • Single Sign-On for Salesforce 
  • Up to Five (5) Email Alerts and Notifications
  • Development of One (1) Dashboard with Five (5) Components
  • End User Training and Documentation of the Final Salesforce Solution
  • HyperCare Support – Two (2) Weeks Post Go-Live


  • Streamlined Processes: With Salesforce, you can easily track, manage, and deliver funding programs. Grantees can find and apply for grants through an additional grantee portal, simplifying the application process. 
  • Efficient Due Diligence: Choose from pre-configured templates for due diligence checks. Past verification records are stored automatically, reducing repetition and providing historical context for funding decisions. 
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Salesforce provides out-of-the-box reports that offer a unified view of your funding programs. You can analyze populations served, awards requested, total funding by year and program, and more. These reports lay the groundwork for advanced impact measurement tools.
  • Funds Management: Gain visibility into the entire funding lifecycle. Set application requirements, send private invitations, view requested funds, and schedule disbursements.
  • Relationship Tracking: Manage stakeholder relationships within the same system. 
  • Grantee Portal: Enhance the grantee experience with a branded portal. Grantees can find, apply, check application status, and submit progress reports.
  • Our Grants Management solution empowers funders to build meaningful relationships, manage the entire grant cycle, create personalized communications, understand grant outcomes, and share impact.

12-14 Week Project

Grants Management Salesforce Implementation Solution

With a Salesforce Implementation Solution from Tectonic, your business can get the on the path to change quickly. You get the benefits of almost two decades of deep Salesforce expertise compacted into a short engagement that delivers new functionality.

Grants Management Salesforce Implementation Solution

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Grants Management Salesforce Implementation Solution

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