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Salesforce Copilot

What is Einstein Copilot for Salesforce?

What Is Einstein Copilot for Salesforce? Salesforce Copilot service operates similarly to other generative AI tools in the customer experience landscape. Users can instruct the tool to automatically respond to customer queries with pertinent, personalized answers based on company data. Is Copilot Safe to Use? Concerned about the safety of using Copilot? Rest assured, you

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Salesforce Einstein Copilot

What’s Included in Einstein Copilot Studio?

By Tectonic’s Salesforce Marketing Consultant, Shannan Hearne Christmas came early this year with Salesforce’s announcement of Einstein Copilot Studio. Einstein Copilot Studio will encompass the following features: Like1 Related Posts A World Series Lesson for Your Business The Houston Astros won the World Series last night.  The first time the organization has won the World

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Salesforce Einstein Copilot

Introducing Salesforce Einstein Copilot

Einstein Copilot introduces a cutting-edge generative A. Powered by a conversational assistant seamlessly embedded within every Salesforce application. Its strategically enhancing workflow and yielding substantial gains in productivity.  Announced at Dreamforce 2023, in case you missed it, read on. The newly integrated Einstein 1 Data Cloud, part of the Einstein 1 Platform, allows customers to

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Sales Cloud Einstein

Einstein Activity Capture

Einstein Activity Capture is a productivity-boosting tool that helps keep data between Salesforce and your email and calendar applications up to date. Note: Starting in late 2023, existing EAC services and data are migrating to Hyperforce. What is the difference between Salesforce Inbox and EAC? Salesforce Inbox excels in providing a unified email and calendar

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Salesforce Shield Data Monitoring and Encryption

Salesforce Shield

Safeguarding your most sensitive data and proactively addressing evolving compliance and industry regulations through the implementation of Salesforce Shield can result in significant cost savings, as highlighted in Salesforce’s 2022 Top Data Security Trends report. Safeguarding with Salesforce Shield. Salesforce Shield was originally launched in 2015. Shield for Encryption Salesforce Shield allows you to encrypt

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud Ecommerce Implementation Tasks and Roles

Commerce Cloud Explained

What is Salesforce commerce cloud? Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based suite of products that enable e-commerce businesses to set up e-commerce sites, drive more automation and provide customers with seamless shopping experiences. Commerce enables retailers to swiftly establish an online presence, leveraging the capabilities of Salesforce CMS. Equipped with numerous out-of-the-box features, it caters to

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Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice Explained

At times, communication is more convenient over the phone. Your customers know that.  And they expect you to know it too.  Salesforce Service Cloud Voice enables agents to handle calls, address customer concerns, and make outbound calls directly from the Service Console. This feature allows companies to efficiently manage customer phone interactions within the Salesforce

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Fully Leveraging Salesforce

Salesforce, a dominant force in customer relationship management (CRM) systems, revealed a study that suggests that 83% of sales professionals believe their organization is fully leveraging their CRM system. Sounds pretty good, right?  Despite the prevalent automation and intelligence features within modern CRM systems, sales representatives still invest over 70% of their time in manual

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