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Nonprofit Cloud Salesforce Implementation Solution

Harmonizing Constituent Data for Real-Time Data-Driven Decisions for Nonprofit Activities with Salesforce Implementation Solutions

Nonprofit Cloud High-Level Implementation Services Proposal

What it includes:

Discovery and Design

  • Full discovery of operations across the organization, including:
    • Constituent Management
    • Campaign Management
    • Fundraising
    • Digital Fundraising Integration
    • Financial Management
    • Data Analysis and Migration
    • Reports and Dashboards


  • Installation of purchased packages (applicable only to Nonprofit Success Pack, otherwise not required for Nonprofit Cloud)
  • Configuration of Objects , Fields, Flows, Layouts and Security

Testing, Training, and Go-Live Support

Configuration: Fundraising

Each Nonprofit approaches fundraising in a way unique to its mission. The Nonprofit Cloud Accelerator enables the organization to track all incoming funds according to the type of gift, the source of the gift, and how the funds should be managed and allocated, including:

Single Donation, Recurring Donation, and Major Gift for Unrestricted and restricted funds with campaign source tracking for Digital Fundraising, Direct Mail, and Events.

Data Analysis and Migration:

Discovery around existing data sources

Strategy for data transformation

Load eight csv files from templates provided by Tectonic

  • Households
  • Organizations
  • Contacts
  • Relationships
  • Affiliations
  • Campaigns
  • General Accounting Units
  • Donations

Potential Add Ons:

  • Digital Marketing (for e.g Marketing Cloud or Pardot)
  • Document Generation (for e.g Conga or Apsona)
  • Manual Credit Card Processing
  • Direct Mail Donation Processing
  • Advanced Donor Segmentation
  • ERP Integration / ASL (Accounting Sub-Ledger)
  • Grants Management
  • Program Management
  • Volunteers
  • Event Management
  • Donor / Grantee Portal

Timeline: Approximately 12 Weeks

Discovery & Design

Following the engagement kickoff, Discovery and Design are the first two weeks of the engagement. During this phase, our consultants work with the key members of your team to understand operations the way they exist today, as well as the goals for the end of the engagement.

Your team members can expect to:

  • Participate in Zoom meetings to share the current business processes and goals
  • Share important current-day process documentation and examples
  • Review and approve agile user stories that will be configured during the Configuration phase

Configuration: Constituent Management  

Constituent Management is the baseline of every nonprofit. The Nonprofit Cloud Accelerator from Tectonic will allow you to proactively manage your constituent base, including the individuals and organizations who play different roles:

Board Members

Constituent Configuration includes up to 3 Account Record Types, including Household, Organization, and one additional type (such as a Donor Advised Fund), as well as implementation of Contacts, Relationships, and Affiliations

Configuration: Digital Fundraising Integration

Most Nonprofits have some form of digital or online fundraising that allows donors to contribute one-time or recurring gifts. Depending on the existing solution, the Nonprofit Cloud Accelerator will help configure the out-of-the box connector and/or advise on import strategies for the digital gifts.

Depending on the complexity of the organization’s needs, specifically if the out-of-the-box connector does not meet the Nonprofit’s business requirements, this phase of the implementation may be expanded.

Our team has experience with most of the leading digital fundraising packages, including Raiser’s Edge, Classy, Engaging Networks, DonorPerfect, and more.


With a Nonprofit Cloud Accelerator from Tectonic, your Nonprofit can get the on the path to change quickly. You get the benefits of almost two decades of deep fundraising and nonprofit management expertise compacted into a short engagement that delivers:

  • Comprehensive view of entire Operations
  • Understanding of the full constituent base and how it interacts
  • A streamlined approach to strategic constituent communication
  • Improved constituent experience
  • The ability to track which marketing efforts produce the greatest donations

Nonprofit Cloud Salesforce Implementation Solution


Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Salesforce Implementation Solution

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Nonprofit Cloud Salesforce Implementation Solution

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