Can I Scan a Business Card into Salesforce?

Yes, you can scan a business card into Salesforce if your scanning system can create a CSV file or import data into Excel, which can then be saved as a .csv file. This resulting file can be uploaded to Salesforce. And there are several Business Card Scanner App for Salesforce solutions.

Business Card Scanner App for Salesforce

Does Salesforce Have a Business Card Scanner?

Yes, Salesforce can utilize CamCard for Salesforce, a top OCR software that allows you to batch scan and digitize multiple business cards with unrivaled accuracy.

Does CamCard Sync with Salesforce?

Yes, CamCard perfectly integrates with customized Salesforce fields, making lead and contact management easier and more efficient on mobile. With a standard subscription, you can save unlimited cards to your Salesforce account.

Is the CamCard App Free?

CamCard offers many features, such as dating when you received a card, grouping cards received at one location, writing notes on each card, and searching by keywords, locations, or dates. The app is free, which is an added benefit.

Is Scan to Salesforce Free?

Yes, Scan to Salesforce allows you to instantly and accurately scan business cards and upload data to Salesforce for free. You can keep contacts in the iOS/Android app or sync them to your phone.

How Do I Install Scan to Salesforce?

  1. Install Scan to Salesforce from Salesforce AppExchange.
  2. Choose Install in This Org (production) or Install in a Sandbox Org.
  3. Check Install for All Users if you want all users in your organization to use the app. Note: Scan to Salesforce requires a custom domain.

Other Business Card Scanning Solutions:

  • Zero Keyboard Salesforce Business Card Scanner:
    • Native Salesforce integration
    • Scanning & extracting data from business cards or badges
    • Offline OCR (text recognition without internet)
    • Adding details as new Leads or Contacts (with duplicate checking)
    • Custom Field mapping support
    • Voice-to-Text notes
    • Available in over 20 languages
    • Native iOS & Android apps
  • Bric App:
    • Business card scanner for Android
    • Provides Salesforce Integration
  • LiiD:
    • Works with Salesforce
    • Business card scanner available on AppExchange
  • Salestrail:
  • Other Android Apps:

Using Outlook for Business Card Scanning:

If you prefer more tools, consider those that import to Outlook and then use Salesforce’s Outlook integration tool to sync with Salesforce. This adds an extra step but offers more flexibility in choosing business card scanning software.

Direct Integration with Salesforce:

These options provide a variety of ways to seamlessly integrate business card data into Salesforce, ensuring efficient and accurate data management.

Content updated March 2023.

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