An industry leader in lifesciences research and ecommerce, is tasked with integrating recent acquisitions, standardizing processes, and improving marketing return-on-investment. Ecommerce company moves to the cloud and adopts Google Cloud and Tableau to improve sales and operational efficiency. Google Cloud and Tableau Ecommerce Success to the rescue.

Industry: Lifesciences and Biotechnology Research

Google Cloud
Google Cloud


  • Recent acquisitions resulted in inefficient technological debt and inability of leadership to analyze performance.
  • Similar ecommerce products were managed in very different ways, such as different database flavors, web applications, and even MS Excel spreadsheets. 
  • Lack of insight into financial return on marketing spend and campaign effectiveness.

Leadership requested help driving an improved culture of proactive decision-making, rather than reactive.

CRM Analytics and Tableau

Implemented :

Our solution?

  • Using GCP BigQuery and Kubernetes, on-premise source data was pipelined into a centralized data warehouse.
  • Cleansed and consolidated all cross-company product offerings into a standardized architecture, which enabled uniform analysis of the entire organization.
  • Blended operational data and marketing data sources to enable insight into campaign tracking and performance.
  • Designed a simple web application and created a standardized process to add, remove, and modify ecommerce offerings. 
  • Enabled business intelligence, using Tableau, and empowered teams to analyze performance across entire company.


  • All product offerings are easily managed and maintained by a single, standardized and efficient process.
  • Pricing adjustments and new product offerings are now implemented in seconds, rather than in days.
  • Marketing spend and campaign performance is analyzed in real-time, which enables greater insight and improved advertising return on investment.  
  • Culture of proactive, data-driven decision-making swept across operations and marketing teams and continues to grow and improve other areas of the business.

Salesforce offers customized solutions for the ecommerce industry, assisting companies in this field to provide outstanding customer experiences, optimize workflows, and spur growth and brand loyalty.

Salesforce offers digital transformation technology for life sciences, ecommerce, and biotechnology research industries.

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