HCG Delivers Personalized Patient Care with Salesforce

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Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd (HCG), a renowned network of 25 hospitals, is elevating patient care through Salesforce. With a 360-degree patient view, HCG connects with patients on a more personal level, delivering proactive support at every step of their journey. HCG’s commitment to value-based, precision medicine is clear, attracting over 200,000 patients annually.

Unified Patient View for Personalized Care

Previously, HCG faced challenges with siloed patient information and a rudimentary CRM system. “Without a single source of truth on patients, it was difficult for our medical, surgical, and support teams to collaborate,” says Vineesh Ghei, Chief Sales Officer, HCG. Today, Salesforce provides a unified patient view, capturing every case history, treatment plan, and patient preference, enabling teams to personalize patient care effectively.

Enhanced Efficiency with Automation

Salesforce Sales Cloud captures initial patient interactions, streamlining responses and tracking conversations. “Our response time to patient enquiries has reduced from 45 minutes to 23 minutes,” notes Ghei. Sales productivity has also improved with automated task prioritization and activity tracking. Additionally, partner management processes have been automated, enhancing engagement.

Swift Service Query Resolution

Patient journeys are orchestrated on Salesforce Service Cloud, integrating outpatient consultations, inpatient processes, and discharge planning. Integration with HCG’s appointment booking and cloud telephony systems ensures patient details are readily available to agents, enabling resolution of over 90% of queries in under five minutes. This comprehensive view allows service agents to provide proactive, personalized support.

Contextual Communications for Long-Term Wellness

Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement, HCG segments patients and delivers personalized communications relevant to their treatment stages. “Every patient’s journey is deeply personal,” says Stuti Jain, Head of Brand, Digital, and Communications, HCG. “Our communications are prioritized to add value to their journey.” HCG maintains connection with patients post-visit, supporting them through recovery.

Data-Driven Decision Making

By integrating data from Health Information Systems, Electronic Medical Records, and other platforms, HCG leverages operational intelligence to enhance decision-making. Insights from dashboards and reports improve patient satisfaction and care quality. Marketing Cloud Intelligence helps optimize campaigns, engagement channels, and team performance.

Expanding Digital Transformation

HCG plans to unlock additional Salesforce features, such as AI-driven call center operations with Einstein. Further integrations with lab and radiology systems and patient care apps will expand the Patient 360 view. “Our goal is to become an oncology knowledge company, up-to-date on treatment protocols and patient needs,” says Dey. Jain adds, “When people think of cancer care, they should think of HCG.”

HCG’s integration of Salesforce is setting a new standard in personalized cancer care, ensuring patients receive the best possible support and treatment throughout their journey.

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