Slack for Manufacturing and Automotive

Enhance productivity, reduce costs, and provide exceptional experiences with a consolidated perspective of your customer data. Streamline diverse systems, teams, and processes effortlessly through automation. Forge connections with external partners to integrate your entire ecosystem seamlessly. As manufacturing, automotive, and energy organizations transition to developing new powertrains and digital products for innovative service and revenue models, Slack offers an efficient platform for innovation.

Pioneering Enterprise Security

Setting the standard in enterprise security, Slack ensures data encryption in transit and at rest. It boasts comprehensive compliance and assurance programs, along with features such as audit logs, data loss prevention, and single sign-on. As the productivity platform for manufacturing, automotive, and energy, Slack ensures a secure environment.

Utilizing Slack AI for Smarter Work

Engage with a Slack sales representative or join the waitlist to experience the empowering capabilities of Slack AI throughout your organization. Leverage AI-powered search for swift answers, summarize conversations effortlessly, and rest assured with secure data handling by Slack AI. Explore Slack’s pivotal role in accelerating innovation across manufacturing, automotive, and energy sectors.

Empowering Software Developers

Discover how Slack empowers teams to introduce novel digital products and services, driving revenue and transforming customer experiences. For software developers, Slack accelerates the delivery of high-quality code, making it a preferred choice for the world’s leading producers of software, hardware, and services. Explore Slack’s webinar to uncover its potential for your team.

Revolutionizing Fleet Management with Automile

Challenges abound for businesses managing fleets, particularly in integrating solutions seamlessly with existing toolsets for increased productivity. Automile aims to disrupt the $30 billion fleet management market by introducing a mobile-first API-centric solution. With REST-based JSON APIs and SDKs for PHP, Java, and C# .NET, Automile simplifies fleet management, offering web and mobile apps.

Slack Integration with Automile

Automile is set to release new features in March, including integrations such as Slack. By submitting the app to Slack’s App Directory, Automile aims to provide businesses with a streamlined fleet management experience within Slack. The upcoming Slack App supports Slash Commands, Interactive Messages, and Incoming Webhooks.

Security First Approach

Automile prioritizes security with the new Slack App, ensuring that authorized Slack team members have access. The app supports Slash Commands, enabling users to achieve specific tasks, such as checking out drivers and locating vehicles. The admin can control user access to these commands for added security.

Fleet Management Commands

Automile’s Slack App introduces Slash Commands for drivers and vehicles. The Driver command allows fleet managers to search for drivers, check their status, and interact with them directly from Slack. Similarly, the Vehicle command provides information on vehicle location, status, and enables task assignment.

Driving Field Service Efficiency with Slack and Salesforce Service Cloud

Witness how manufacturers harness the combined capabilities of Slack and Salesforce Service Cloud to empower field employees and enhance customer satisfaction.

Slack’s Continued Impact

Slack continues to thrive globally, supporting businesses of all sizes in achieving growth and skyrocketing productivity. Acquired by Salesforce in 2021, Slack remains an influential force in the business communication and collaboration landscape.

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