Leverage data and insights from Catchlight directly in Salesforce

Quickly enrich and score your leads based on unique data and insights. With Salesforce and Catchlight Integration.

Enrich Leads

Through the Catchlight app on Salesforce, you can quickly and easily add data and insights to lead profiles, giving marketing, business development, and advisors a unique view into the background and anticipated needs of your leads. 

Lead enrichment data may include estimated investable assets and income, age range, home ownership, education and employment history, life events, personal interests, hobbies, and more. 

All of this data can help business development representatives and advisors make more meaningful connections with prospects. 

Don’t forget the old saying, its not always who you know but what you know that is important.

Route Leads

Using Catchlight’s unique profile insights, leads can be routed to the right resource or added to the proper campaign based on existing workflows

For example, a new lead enters Salesforce and through the Catchlight enrichment process, it is found that the lead is a business owner, nearing retirement, and has $1M+ in investable assets.  This new lead can be routed to the advisor best equipped to help this individual with their specific goals. 

Explore Leads

Not only will the Catchlight app on Salesforce enrich net new leads, you can also build enriched profiles for existing records. Adding additional data and insights on existing leads can give you a new perspective on old names. You’ll be able to create segments such as HENRYs who have received company stock, or affluent/mass affluent white collar professionals who may be in the market for estate planning. 

Defining segments with Catchlight insights can help improve your nurture campaigns helping to ensure that you are delivering the right messages, to the right prospects, at the right time. All enabled by Catchlight. 

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