Manufacturing Cloud Salesforce Implementation Solution -

Manufacturing Cloud Salesforce Implementation Solution

Enhancing industry with Manufacturing Cloud Salesforce Implementation Solutions

Manufacturing Cloud High-Level Salesforce Implementation Services Proposal

Manufacturing Cloud Salesforce Implementation Solution

With an Salesforce Implementation Solution from Tectonic, your business can get the on the path to change quickly. You get the benefits of almost two decades of deep Manufacturing expertise compacted into a short engagement that delivers:
  • Comprehensive view of entire Operations
  • Understanding of market changes with the ability to quickly react
  • A more streamlined business  
  • Increased Customer Experience and CSAT
  • Track leads and improve conversion rates
  • Ability to update contracts instantly
  • Improved Customer lifetime value
  • Increased internal productivity
  • Reduced Time to Value and Time to Market for new products
  • Decreased IT Maintenance

What’s Included:

  • Configure Leads
    • Lead Tracking
    • Lead Scoring
  • Configure Accounts and Contacts
    • Account Hierarchies
  • Configure Profiles and Permissions
    • Up to 5 sets
  • Configure Opportunities
    • Configure 5-7 Custom stages 
  • Configure and Install Salesforce Inbox 
  • Configure ability to Track Activity
  • Salesforce Flows
    • Up to 3
  • Configure Dashboards / Reports
  • Historical Data Migration


  • Configure Supply Contracts
  • Allow for a single history and managed access to customer supplier Contracts
  • Create automated notifications on contracts expiration 
    • 30/60/90 days out
  • Configure Sales Agreements
  • Configure Forecasting
    • Account Forecast
    • Account Product Forecast
  • Configure Manufacturing Program
  • Sales Quotes
    • Ability to store quotes on an Account record



  • Integration with ERP
  • Integration using Manufacturing Cloud API’s
  • Quoting

12 Week Project

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud  Salesforce Implementation Solution

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Explore the possibilities of Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Salesforce Implementation Solution based on your company’s goals. Tectonic is ready to partner with you, offering support at every stage of your Salesforce journey. Reach out online to request more information or schedule a call – we look forward to discussing your needs!

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Salesforce Implementation Solution

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