See what’s new in Field Service to help your team deliver on performance and customer service. Salesforce Field Service Summer 24 Release Notes.

  • Field Service Einstein
    Discover innovative, AI-based features to help your teams deliver exceptional service.
    • Customize the Pre-Work Brief with Prompt Builder
      Access the Pre-Work Brief template in the Prompt Builder and modify the prompt according to your business needs. Mobile workers can then see the customized AI-generated brief that tells them everything they need to know about their upcoming work.
  • Field Service Resource Management
    Explore the latest features to help dispatchers create, manage, and optimize your team’s schedule.
  • Field Service Operations
    Streamline, extend, and customize your Field Service operations with these new additions.
  • Field Service Customer Engagement
    Enhance and elevate your customer interactions with these new features.
  • Field Service Mobile
    Explore what’s new in Field Service mobile, designed to help mobile workers provide outstanding service.
    • Lightning Web Components
      Customize your Field Service mobile experience with powerful, tailored components.
    • Give Workers Access to Files with Content Libraries
      Create custom libraries to provide mobile workers quick, easy access to files they need to complete the job. From the Field Service Mobile App Builder, create a custom tab for the bottom navigation bar, so mobile workers can view files in organized folders. Previously, files weren’t organized and mobile workers had to scroll to find relevant files.
    • Track Hours Offline With Time Sheets Priming
      With time sheets priming, you can prime up to three time sheet list views that mobile workers can access and edit offline to avoid down time and complete jobs faster.
    • Stay on Track with the Field Service Widget (Generally Available)
      This feature, which is now generally available, gives mobile workers quick access to their next appointment in a widget on their home screen. Workers can see the appointment details and check when they must head out to the appointment to make sure that they’re on time. And, workers can update the appointment status and navigate to the location. The widget is available out-of-the-box.
    • Get Accurate Site Check-Ins and Check-Outs (Generally Available)
      This feature, which is now generally available, keeps track of the actual times that mobile workers arrived and left job sites. With automated timestamps for geolocation-based actions, you can then create reports that give insights on the time that mobile workers spend at each location. Timestamps are captured even when the mobile app is offline and are more reliable than the manual input given by mobile workers.
    • Choose How Mobile Workers Navigate to Destinations
      Let mobile workers navigate to destinations based on an address (default) or based on latitude and longitude coordinates. Select the preferred option for your users in the Destination Type field in Field Service Mobile Settings. Previously, you could navigate only based on address.
    • Measure an Object with Augmented Reality
      Mobile workers can use augmented reality to measure between two or more points directly from the Field Service mobile app.
    • Create Leads and Opportunities from the Field
      Use a flow template that lets your mobile workers create leads and opportunities for potential customers directly from the app without contacting customer services. For example, if a customer mentions that their neighbor is interested in their services, the mobile worker can create an opportunity. Customer services then sees the opportunity and follows up accordingly.
    • Upsell Your Business from the Field (Beta)
      Let your mobile workers create quotes for customers directly from the Field Service mobile app without contacting customer services. For example, if a mobile worker is repairing a customer’s oven and notices that some of the parts need replacement, the worker can create a quote and provide a price estimate on-site.
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