A global name in Lubricants doubles down on Salesforce to create a new current and future state to support sales, service and operations. Manufacturing, Sales, Service, Revenue, Commerce, and Experience Clouds

After doing their initial Sales Cloud implementation and SAP integration over 12 years ago, this company was only leveraging Salesforce in a basic capacity, being a predominantly SAP and Microsoft shop. Fast forward to about a year ago, with a change in leadership, Salesforce became the desired platform to build and expand on. With the need to support multiple lines of business, provide more accurate forecasting and quoting and close the gap between sales and supply chain there was a lot to tackle both immediately and long term.

They again chose Tectonic to implement a Salesforce solution.

Implemented  – Case Study: Manufacturing – Sales/ Service/Revenue/Commerce/Experience Clouds

(Current State)

Future State

Technologies Integrated:

  • SAP
    • Orders
    • Invoices
    • Products
    • Line Items

The Challenge:

  • No Visibility into relevant sales and order history for the sales teams.
  • Real Time integration to bring order data to Salesforce from SAP.
  • Creating the object structure that meets the multi thread relationship structure.
  • Work across multiple teams: Sales, Fulfillment, Supply Chain and Customer Service.
  • Generate real time quotes with the right products, packaging and formularies.
  • A single dashboard to view open orders that have not been fulfilled.


  • Opportunities did not have the correct products to choose from.
  • No proper tracking of order history with accurate products
  • Old product SKU’s still be active for reps to choose from
  • Near to no automation to make processes easy to follow and use 
  • Multiple systems to work with for sales, fulfillment and quoting
  • Multiple systems across the globe
  • Manual sales reporting


  • Single platform for all customer interactions
  • Consistent pricing and products for all orders coming from integration with SAP
  • Substantially enhanced SAP integration
  • 360 view of customer by market segment and account level (Future State)
  • Consistent quoting process (Future State)
  • Better automated Sales reporting

Ready to explore a Salesforce implementation with Manufacturing Solutions and Experience Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Revenue Cloud, and Commerce Cloud for your company? Contact Tectonic today.

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