Salesforce Energy & Utilities Cloud is a robust platform tailored to meet the evolving needs of the energy industry. It offers personalized solutions for various sectors, including power, utilities, oil, gas, and green energy, prioritizing customer satisfaction through personalized services, AI-driven enhancements, and cutting-edge infrastructure offerings. The platform assists organizations in addressing challenges such as sustainability practices and cost-effective solutions.

E and U Cloud combines the power of Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud with the Salesforce Platform, providing industry-specific solutions for utilities, retail energy, and modern energy services companies. By offering personalized experiences and leveraging AI for enhanced interactions, it ensures a seamless customer journey and empowers businesses to streamline operations, effectively manage data, and conduct safe field operations. Through transparency and data-driven tools, the platform promotes trust among stakeholders and facilitates efficient business processes.

Key Features

Key features of Energy & Utilities Cloud include OmniChannel Service for efficient customer management, OmniChannel Sales for streamlined sales processes, Products, Offers, and Quotes for personalized offers and quotes, Contract Management for regulatory compliance, Order and Enrollment for automated lifecycle management, and Field Service Management for optimized field service experiences. The platform caters to both B2B and B2C processes, empowering sales/account managers and service agents to deliver personalized interactions and support across multiple channels.

Salesforce Energy and Utilities Cloud

For organizations seeking specialized tools, the Vlocity Energy & Utilities Cloud Application Suite offers prebuilt modules and application components tailored to specific energy and utility requirements. From customer acquisition management to utility self-serve portals, the suite provides comprehensive solutions to meet specific business requirements.

Salesforce Energy and Utilities Cloud

Salesforce Energy & Utilities Cloud empowers energy and utility companies to manage sales pipelines, collaborate effectively, ensure employee safety, and efficiently manage customer data. With its robust features and integrations, the platform facilitates business growth and helps organizations meet industry challenges head-on.

To face your challenges head-on, contact Tectonic today for a Energy & Utilities Cloud implementation.

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