The Winter ‘23 release marks a significant milestone for Salesforce Automotive Cloud, bringing forth a suite of advanced capabilities. Automotive Cloud Salesforce will change your experience forever.

Salesforce Automotive Cloud, built upon Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, empowers manufacturers and dealers in efficiently managing key customer and vehicle touchpoints throughout their lifecycle. Leveraging industry best practices, the data model and workflows reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks.

Key Benefits of Automotive Cloud:

  1. Improved Sales Efficiency and Effectiveness:
    • Streamlines sales processes and automates repetitive tasks.
    • Provides real-time access to critical customer and product information.
  2. Unified Platform for Vehicle and Driver Data:
    • Consolidates vehicle and driver data, offering insights into sales and service histories, lease and warranty details, and available subscriptions.
    • Utilizes real-time telematics data to power immersive in-vehicle experiences.
  3. AI and Automation for Actionable Insights:
    • Utilizes AI and automation to convert data into actionable insights.
    • Enhances business productivity with tailored workflows.
  4. Comprehensive Customer Interaction View:
    • Provides a comprehensive view of customer interactions.
    • Customized alerts and prompt access to critical vehicle information.
  5. Effortless Access to Vehicle Details:
    • Allows effortless access to vital vehicle details, including milestones, warranties, parts, accessories, and delivery reports.
  6. Personalized Support and Sales:
    • Offers a holistic overview of a household’s complete driver and vehicle history.
    • Enriches leads with comprehensive snapshots for personalized support, offers, and sales.

Key Features of Automotive Cloud:

  1. Automotive Data Bundle:
    • Connects and harmonizes driver, vehicle, and retail data at scale.
  2. Connected Vehicle Visualization:
    • Provides instant visualization of a vehicle’s connected features and services.
  3. Actionable Telematics:
    • Monitors and acts on real-time telematics data.
  4. Automotive Calculated Insights:
    • Calculates actionable metrics like driver or vehicle lifetime value.
  5. Automotive Loan and Lease Console:
    • Streamlines driver, household, and vehicle loan and lease data.
  6. Fleet Management:
    • Monitors fleets effectively, allowing external users to track fleets, fleet assets, and fleet participants.
  7. Customization and Object Updates:
    • Introduces new picklist fields and deprecates others on Vehicle and Vehicle Definition records.
    • Introduces new objects for storing information about financing and investment options, roles related to financial accounts, relationships between accounts or contacts and assets, balances, transactions, addresses, statements, fees, and milestones.

“With real-time data, trusted AI, and automation, we’re bringing the automotive industry one step closer to a future where software-defined vehicles are the norm.”

Achyut Jajoo, SVP & GM of Automotive and Manufacturing

Automotive Cloud provides a real-time digital view of a vehicle’s connected features, services, and telemetry data for personalized, connected car experiences.

Industry leaders like Toyota utilize Automotive Cloud to enhance consumer experiences across every touchpoint. The platform unifies automaker data to deliver real-time, contextualized views inside vehicles, offering truly personalized experiences for every driver.

The rise of connected cars, estimated to make up 95% of all new vehicles sold by 2030, underscores the importance of harnessing the vast data generated. Features like Actionable Telematics and Connected Vehicle Visualization are set to be available, further strengthening the capabilities of Salesforce Automotive Cloud.

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