Discover the Benefits of Salesforce Grants Management

Salesforce Grants Management empowers grantmakers to streamline their processes and efficiently distribute critical funding to their communities. Nonprofit organizations often struggle with outdated software, hindering their ability to leverage innovative technologies. Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud was designed to address these challenges, offering comprehensive tools for fundraising, donation management, program oversight, volunteer coordination, and outcome tracking. Benefits of Salesforce Grants Management.

Benefits of Salesforce Grants Management

For grantmakers specifically, Salesforce offers the Nonprofit Cloud for Grantmaking, an enhanced solution that encompasses all Nonprofit Cloud features with additional tools tailored to manage the grantmaking lifecycle. Grantmakers can leverage these robust tools to consolidate program management, donations, staff management, supporter engagement, volunteer coordination, partner collaboration, and stakeholder relationships within a unified platform.

Purpose Built System

Salesforce Grants Management provides a purpose-built system for grantmakers to efficiently track, manage, and deliver funding programs. By facilitating collaboration and secure information exchange among grantseekers, grantees, reviewers, and grantmakers, the platform ensures seamless interaction based on customizable access levels.

Key Features of Salesforce Grants Management:

  1. Connect Grants and Programs
    • Program Management: Consolidate programs, sub-initiatives, and associated grants to align efforts towards philanthropic objectives.
    • Financial Commitments: Enhance visibility into funding lifecycles, including grant stages, requested and awarded funds, and disbursement schedules.
    • Reporting: Generate comprehensive reports on served populations, annual program funding, upcoming grant milestones, and more.
  2. Simplify the Application Process
    • Grant Applications: Streamline application development using customizable templates tailored to specific funding opportunities.
    • Private Grant Invitations: Extend personalized invitations to eligible organizations for private funding opportunities.
    • Funding Requests: Enable easy access to funding opportunities and application statuses for applicants and grantees.
  3. Improve the Grantee Experience
    • Relationship Management: Gain insights into grantee engagements to foster stronger relationships.
    • Grantee Portal: Enhance the grantee experience with a dedicated portal for funding opportunities, application status, and impact reporting.
    • Award Updates and Requirements: Provide transparency on payment schedules, reporting expectations, and funding disbursement details.
  4. Gain a Holistic View of Due Diligence
    • Pre-Configured Templates: Streamline due diligence with customizable templates tailored to grant size, program, and budget.
    • Tax Status Verification: Quickly verify U.S.-based organization tax statuses using Guidestar data integrated with Salesforce.
    • Historical Record: Access comprehensive grantee histories to inform funding decisions based on previous engagements.
  5. Build a Complete Grantmaking Solution
    • Stakeholder 360: Unify marketing, fundraising, program management, and IT functions to enhance stakeholder relationships and collaboration.
    • Lifecycle Management: Efficiently track and manage funding awards, reporting requirements, and amendments within Salesforce, fostering transparency and engagement.

Salesforce Grants Management is a transformative solution that enables grantmakers to accelerate funding delivery, optimize collaboration, and achieve impactful outcomes within their communities. Connect with an expert at Tectonic today to unlock the full potential of grants management software tailored to your organization’s needs.

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