Introducing Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits: A Comprehensive Overview

A brand-new edition of Salesforce Marketing Cloud tailored specifically for nonprofit organizations has arrived – Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits. This specialized edition comes with discounted licensing and includes pre-defined email templates and journeys crafted for nonprofit use cases, with more exciting features planned for future releases.

So, how can nonprofits leverage Salesforce Marketing Cloud? What sets Marketing Cloud apart from other digital marketing tools? And most importantly, is Marketing Cloud the right fit for your nonprofit?

Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits

Utilizing Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits

For those involved in nonprofit work, this offering brings significant advantages:

  1. Industry-Leading Marketing Tools at an Affordable Price: Kickstart mass marketing campaigns to engage your supporter base affordably using Salesforce’s renowned marketing tools.
  2. Automate Donor Marketing Journeys Efficiently: Jumpstart automated donor journeys like welcome messages, conversion prompts, and gratitude expressions. This saves valuable time for your team to focus on refining fundraising strategies and delivering exceptional supporter care.

Why Choose Marketing Cloud Over Other Tools?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) stands out for leveraging your supporter data effectively for marketing purposes.

  • Deep Integration with Salesforce CRM: SFMC seamlessly integrates with Salesforce CRM, enabling powerful automation capabilities like point-and-click journey setups and dynamic content deployment.
  • Comprehensive Marketing Platform: SFMC offers Email Studio, MobileConnect for SMS campaigns, Social Studio for social media management, and more. This breadth and depth of features are often unmatched by other platforms.
  • Constant Evolution Within Salesforce Ecosystem: SFMC benefits from ongoing enhancements such as Einstein AI, Tableau, Datorama for analytics, and connectors for emerging digital channels.

Is Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits Suitable for You?

Consider using Salesforce Marketing Cloud if your nonprofit:

  • Already Utilizes Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) with Sales Cloud or Service Cloud: Ideal for organizations looking to swiftly initiate marketing efforts to engage 10,000+ active contacts.
  • Seeks to Enhance Fundraising Initiatives: Leverage pre-defined email templates and journeys to optimize fundraising strategies, regardless of Marketing Cloud edition.

Pricing and Investment

The introductory pricing for Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits starts at £400/€500 per month and offers flexibility to scale as your marketing needs grow. Explore additional contact allowances and sending capabilities as you expand your fundraising efforts.

In the nonprofit sector, value for money is essential. The Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits edition provides an opportunity to explore SFMC’s potential with an initial investment. As you witness the fundraising benefits, consider scaling up and exploring advanced features offered by SFMC.

Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits

Engage with Salesforce partners to navigate your Marketing Cloud journey effectively, and consult with your Salesforce Account Executive (AE) to assess if Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits aligns with your organization’s goals.

To learn more about Salesforce products tailored for nonprofits, visit and kickstart your journey towards impactful fundraising and supporter engagement.

To discuss installing and implementing Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits, contact Tectonic today.

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