Salesforce Summer 24 Industries Release

Industries solutions shape Salesforce to the needs of your business, reducing the need for you to customize things yourself. Consumer Goods Cloud streamlines delivery and distribution processes with Direct Store Delivery and Van Sales. Optimize service operations in the field with Field Service for Industries. Health Cloud integrates with Milliman Care Guidelines (MCG) to bring industry-standard assessments to Integrated Care Management. Loyalty Management gives marketing managers greater flexibility with Global Promotions Management. Manufacturing Cloud helps manufacturers streamline the process of recovering costs on defective parts from suppliers with Warranty Supplier Recovery. Salesforce for Education helps students plan their degrees better with Intelligent Degree Planning. We also have plenty of changes for Automotive Cloud, Salesforce for Nonprofits, Public Sector Solutions, Industries common features, and much more. Salesforce Summer 24 Industries Release

  • Automotive Cloud
    Diagnose issues, driver safety, and vehicle performance using the power of Data Cloud. Seamlessly visualize metrics and insights from Data Cloud right in your Automotive app. Get reimbursed by your suppliers for faulty parts covered under warranty and recover your costs with supplier recovery claims. Create effective product service campaigns and curate outreach lists for asset recalls.
  • Communications Cloud
    Communications Cloud extends Salesforce Customer 360 to provide a solution specifically for the communications industry. It helps businesses digitally transform to deliver new, industry-standard customer experiences and increase operational efficiencies. Explore industry-specific apps including Enterprise Sales Management, Communications Cloud Agent Console, and Multiplay Subscription Management, and business solutions including Field Service for Industries, Configure, Price, Quote (Industries CPQ), and Enterprise Product Catalog (EPC).
  • Consumer Goods Cloud
    Transfer data from Consumer Goods Cloud to Data Cloud by using data streams. Leverage the integrated data to segment retail customers and strategize planning activities. Use the Direct Store Delivery and Van Sales features to streamline your delivery and distribution processes. Conveniently administer sync features from a central location and improve traceability of sync records by using sync ID. Use the Modeler CLI command to quickly add a validation method and use the dynamically proposed XML attributes to accurately customize contracts. You can now do better precision rounding for KPIs with the Rounding within Period rounding type, and run the Push Promotion process faster.
  • Energy and Utilities Cloud
    Energy & Utilities (E&U) cloud combines and extends the full power of Salesforce Sales and Service clouds and the Salesforce Platform into an industry-specific solution for utilities, retail energy, and modern energy services companies.
  • Field Service for Industries
    Field Service for Industries empowers businesses to build customer-centric field service operations, maximize asset lifetime value, and elevate the experience of service teams. Use Field Service for Industries to accelerate service delivery, proactively manage assets, and simplify the work order management process. Manage the repair, recall, and upgrade of assets at scale by using Product Service Campaign. Estimate field service work before you create work orders by using Work Order Estimation.
  • Financial Services Cloud
    Learn about the new features and enhancements in Financial Services Cloud that strengthen client management, automate tasks, provide deeper customer insights, and simplify data organization.
  • Health Cloud
    Einstein Generative AI automates assessment generation. Home Health optimizes visit scheduling and has a new component for Experience Cloud users. Integrated Care Management integrates with Milliman Care Guidelines (MCG) to bring industry-standard care guidelines and assessments to Health Cloud. The Group Benefits app helps insurance sales agents track leads and enroll members better to boost sales performance. Intelligent Appointment Management now supports multi-step scheduling. Provider Network Management gets a new app.
  • Insurance
    Insurance connects frontline agents, back-office teams, and customers with flexible components that support policy administration, benefit administration, claims, and billing. Learn about what’s in Summer ’24.
  • Loyalty Management
    Marketing managers can create flexible promotions rules with the Build Your Own Promotion template in Global Promotions Management. Companies can now decide whether they want their members to hold a negative point balance. Easily clone and launch your repeatable and most successful promotions. Add up to 50,000 partners to your loyalty program. Streamline marketing manager and loyalty program manager onboarding with new permission sets.
  • Manufacturing Cloud
    Harmonize, transform, and unlock insights at scale from asset, customer, sales, and service data by using Data Cloud features. Easily manage your supplier recovery processes to recover the expenses for repairing defective parts procured from suppliers. Orchestrate effective product service campaigns to segment faulty assets, perform product recalls, and manage customer outreach. Generate estimates on field service work before you create work orders.
  • Media Cloud
    With the Media Cloud business applications you can attract, engage, and support customers from anywhere, maximize lifetime value, and improve operational efficiency across the media value chain.
  • Net Zero Cloud
    Address compliance reporting with new features and enhancements to Net Zero Cloud and Disclosure and Compliance Hub. Design and maintain disclosure document templates directly in Microsoft 365 Word. After you upload your disclosure reports from previous years, Einstein generative AI helps you quickly create responses by searching for existing answers in your documents. Einstein can also provide detailed explanations for each response, and help you confirm accuracy. View and export the greenhouse gas emissions calculations. Enable field history tracking for seamless tracking of value changes in Net Zero Cloud objects. Make primary data acquisition easier and more straightforward through a new simplified data collection. Streamline your workflows by giving users full access to data entry and calculations.
  • Public Sector Solutions
    Make it easy for constituents to file and track claims for social insurance benefits. Find and address circumstances that prevent constituents from getting the care or services that they need. Coordinate with service providers to manage referrals and efficiently deliver services to constituents. Easily capture interaction notes with a single unified component. Help constituents recertify for benefits to renew or revise their benefit eligibility. Collaborate with partner organizations and funders to share performance indicators and outcome results.
  • Referral Marketing
    Marketing managers can now design referral promotions as per the marketing or industry requirements. Reusable promotion templates enable marketing managers to decide at which stages advocates and their friends are rewarded and to customize promotion stage names. Using the refreshed referral promotion guided flow, marketing managers can select the promotion’s reward and then decide the content of the promotion emails. Get the referral promotion emails ready for launch without spending much time editing the emails. Run referral promotions for your company’s loyalty program. Easily track the advocate count of referral promotions.
  • Salesforce Contracts
    Salesforce Contracts allows customers to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of Contracts. Contracts can be associated with opportunities, orders, quotes, standard Salesforce objects, and custom objects. A robust contract lifecycle management is crucial to the overall health of an organization. The Salesforce Contracts app gives you complete control over the sales process integration, contract management process, and contract lifecycle that starts from contract authoring to activation.
  • Salesforce for Education
    Provide an intuitive, guided degree planning experience for your students by using Intelligent Degree Planning. Enable students to view the details of learning courses and programs, and track their progress by using new Lightning web components. Optimize the matching of mentors and mentees by using a new guided flow and comparison layout. Simplify the appointment experience with automatic resource assignments, and QR codes for onsite check-ins. Create assessments easily with intelligent suggestions from Einstein. Migrate from Admissions Connect, Student Success Hub, and Education Data Architecture to the integrated version of Education Cloud. Leverage Common App first-year data in Education Cloud.
  • Salesforce for Nonprofits
    Salesforce for Nonprofits includes platform solutions and managed packages for nonprofits. Nonprofit Cloud, built on the Salesforce platform, makes it easier to monitor fundraising efforts by using source codes, generate donor acknowledgments, manage program participation, and create cohorts of program participants.
  • Vlocity Contract Lifecycle Management
    Vlocity Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) empowers businesses to generate and maintain accurate contracts associated with opportunities, orders, and quotes. Vlocity CLM seamlessly integrates with Salesforce Lightning Experience. In the Lightning Experience, Lightning actions such as Create Contract, Update Contract, and Pick Frame Contract are available on opportunities, orders, and quotes.
  • Industries Common Features
    Some products in Industries share features. In this release we’ve enhanced some of the features that help you provide excellent customer service, made updates that save you time in Business Rules Engine, extended functionality in Data Processing Engine, and much more.
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