This comprehensive Tectonic Salesforce insight outlines the steps for nonprofit organizations to plan and implement successful fundraising campaigns using Salesforce. The guide emphasizes the importance of starting the fundraising journey with Salesforce due to its ability to create a unique environment for managing fundraising efforts and other crucial information for successful operations. Here’s a summary of key sections:

  1. Everything in One Place:
    • Prioritize information collection and cleansing.
    • Gather various materials, including marketing materials, donor lists, grants, financial documents, and more.
    • Utilize Salesforce tools, such as the Salesforce Gmail Extension, to centralize activities, including emails and phone calls.
  2. Custom Essential Document Object Setup:
    • Create a custom object (Essential Document) in Salesforce to store important campaign documents.
    • Use cloud-based systems like Google Drive or Dropbox to link documents.
    • Include fields such as document name, URL, completion status, and description.
  3. Uploading Important Contacts with NPSP Import Wizard:
    • Import essential contacts, including directors, current donors, and event attendees, using the NPSP Import Wizard.
    • Enable standard matching and duplicate rules to avoid creating duplicates during import.
  4. Building Relationships and Prospects:
    • Establish connections with a Leadership Team composed of supporters, volunteers, directors, and employees.
    • Use Relationships and Relationship Viewer in Salesforce NPSP to visualize and manage connections between individuals.
    • Create a custom Visualforce Page to display relationships on contact records.
  5. Adding New Prospects with Leads:
    • Use Leads in Salesforce to track and manage new prospects.
    • Set up Web-to-Lead forms to capture prospect information directly into Salesforce.
    • Leverage the NPSP Import Wizard for uploading leads along with donation history.
  6. Outreach:
    • Utilize Salesforce Campaigns and Opportunities to keep track of emails, marketing materials, and website activities.
    • Create and share professional, standardized emails using Email Builder and Email Templates.
    • Use Salesforce Campaigns to send list emails and track their effectiveness through reports.
  7. Leadership Team:
    • Share Email Templates with the team to ensure consistent communication.
    • Use Salesforce Gmail Extension to streamline email communications.
    • Enable permissions for team members to use the email template builder.
  8. Stewardship:
    • Implement Salesforce Path for Stewardship in Opportunities to guide the team through donor follow-up.
    • Create and share email templates for thanking donors.
    • Track stewardship activities, emails, and history in Salesforce for reporting and analysis.
  9. Summary:
    • Emphasizes the importance of effective fundraising for nonprofit organizations.
    • Highlights the benefits of fundraising beyond monetary value, including increased outreach and supporter engagement.
    • Provides a step-by-step plan for successful fundraising using Salesforce in 2021 and beyond.

This insight aims to empower nonprofit organizations to leverage Salesforce effectively, streamline their fundraising processes, and build lasting relationships with donors and supporters.

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