Explore the full capabilities of Nonprofit Cloud firsthand through an interactive trial. This preconfigured org includes robust sample data, providing a real-time experience of Nonprofit Cloud features in action. Utilize these trial orgs to gain insights into the comprehensive enablement offered. Get a Free Nonprofit Trial Org.

It’s important to note that the Nonprofit Cloud Prebuilt Apps fall within the category of Non-SFDC Applications, governed by the terms outlined in your Main Services Agreement (formerly the Master Subscription Agreement) with Salesforce. These trial orgs are designed for proof of concept and guided self-exploration, with a 30-day expiration.

Get a Free Nonprofit Trial Org

Salesforce.org stands out for nonprofits by delivering powerful CRM technology tailored to a global community of nonprofits and educational institutions. Its purpose is to enhance operational efficiency, facilitate fundraising, and cultivate more meaningful relationships with the communities they serve.

Power of Us

Absolutely, Salesforce is a viable choice for nonprofits. The Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is renowned for its cost-effectiveness, currently benefiting over 32,000 nonprofits worldwide. The “Power of Us Program,” created by Salesforce, offers affordable products and programs to support nonprofits.

Yes, there is a free version of Salesforce for nonprofits. Nonprofit Cloud consolidates nonprofit CRM, fundraising, programs, marketing engagement, and outcomes into a single product. As part of the Power of Us Program, your initial 10 subscriptions come free of charge.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is a comprehensive platform specifically crafted for fundraising organizations, educational institutions, and other nonprofit entities. Its aim is to enhance digital outreach, strengthen connections with people, streamline internal management, and eliminate silos among fundraising, program management, marketing, and technology teams. The platform provides organizations and NGOs with a unified view of their ongoing operations and activities.

This CRM software encompasses various nonprofit solutions, including fundraising, marketing and engagement, program management, and grants management. These solutions empower nonprofits to efficiently manage and track income streams, inbound grants, and programs in a centralized location. When utilizing CRM software for nonprofits, ensuring effective control and management of activities is crucial.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud offers several critical benefits for nonprofits:

  • Enhanced Organization: Salesforce helps nonprofits cut through clutter and create actionable tech plans by providing built-in functionalities for customized workspaces. NGOs can build personalized dashboards for different teams, enabling smoother management of activities like fundraising, grants, and workforce management.
  • Boosted Operational Efficiency: The platform fosters robust communication among the workforce and various partners, resulting in increased operational efficiency. Improved communication and positive synergy contribute to achieving targeted goals within set timelines.
  • Customization Options: The ability to customize features according to routine operational requirements is a leading reason for choosing Salesforce. Nonprofits with unique missions and requirements can tailor standard features and functionalities to meet their distinct targets.
  • Accurate Reporting: Salesforce is recognized for its accuracy and reliability in reporting, a crucial aspect for nonprofit organizations. Integration with Looker Studio enhances data analytics and visualization capabilities, providing deeper insights into operations and supporting decision-making processes.
  • Community Support: Salesforce comes with extensive community support, ensuring that users receive assistance when needed. The platform’s partner program offers quick support for technical assistance, dashboard help, and other queries, providing continuous support for fundraising NGOs.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Affordability is a significant advantage of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, benefitting over 32,000 nonprofits globally. The “Power of Us Program” offers the first 10 subscriptions free, and post the trial period, organizations can access discounted prices. This makes Salesforce an economical and supportive partner for nonprofits, facilitating swift and affordable connection with customers and expanding reach.

Salesforce Nonprofit Get a Free Nonprofit Trial Org
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