Introducing Account Engagement Optimizer: Elevating Account Engagement Performance

Account Engagement, formerly Pardot, Optimizer is a powerful tool designed to deliver actionable insights for improving the performance of your Account Engagement application. This automated recommendation tool concentrates on streamlining email send times, expediting automation processing, and  ensuring the optimal functionality of your application. It aids administrators by categorizing recommendations into critical and lower-priority actions, facilitating efficient management.

To explore and implement Account Engagement Optimizer’s recommendations, follow these straightforward steps:

  • Open Optimizer.
  • In Account Engagement, navigate to Admin, and then select Optimizer.
  • In the Lightning app, go to Account Engagement Settings and choose Optimizer.
  • Review the recommendations and take necessary actions.
  • Utilize the Priority column to identify critical recommended actions.
  • Use the table action manager in the Maintenance Resources section to pause and prioritize actions.

For pausing or resuming actions, follow these steps:

  • Open Optimizer.
  • In Account Engagement, navigate to Admin, and then select Optimizer.
  • In the Lightning app, go to Account Engagement Settings and choose Optimizer.
  • Under Maintenance Resources, click Table Action Manager.
  • Use the action menu to pause or resume an action.

For efficient management of dynamic lists, proceed as follows:

  • Open the Lists page.
  • In Account Engagement, go to Marketing | Segmentation | Lists.
  • In the Lightning app, navigate to Prospects, and then select Segmentation | Segmentation Lists.
  • Select the lists you want to convert to static.
  • Use the View dropdown menu to filter for dynamic lists.
  • Click the table action dropdown menu and select Convert to static.
  • The option to convert to static is also available in the action menu on the record home for each dynamic list.
  • Confirm the conversion in the pop-up window.

Account Engagement, aka Pardot, Optimizer provides a comprehensive view of your business units, flagging items needing attention and offering proactive recommendations for swift action. The tool includes a table featuring suggested actions, enabling prioritization based on urgency and potential impact on your organization. Features like email send time monitoring and visitor tracking contribute to an enhanced overall account health score gauge chart.

Introduced as a pilot in Spring ’23, Pardot Optimizer is now available in beta. Access to this tool is limited to Pardot Administrators, while Marketing users in Pardot can request Admin privileges to leverage this feature.

To access Pardot Optimizer:

  • Visit
  • Select Admin or click the Settings tab in your Lightning menu (for Salesforce users).
  • Choose Optimizer from the options.

Enabling Optimizer is a permanent action and cannot be undone. Once enabled, the Optimizer page displays recommendations, allowing you to take necessary actions and efficiently manage critical tasks.

Pardot Optimizer proves to be a valuable tool, aiding administrators in optimizing system bandwidth, improving efficiency, and ensuring a seamless processing experience. With four Maintenance Resources – Table Action Manager, Inactive Automation Rules, Inactive Dynamic Lists, and Unused Dynamic Lists – administrators can uphold their Account Engagement business unit in top-notch condition.

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