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Salesforce BI

Analytics Studio Salesforce

Analytics Studio Salesforce provides the foundational tool for building CRM Analytics assets—the lenses and dashboards that make up Analytics apps. Use Analytics Studio to explore your data and build lenses and dashboards with data visualizations that give you the insights to help you run your business. Store everything in apps— the containers of assets that

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public sector and tribal governent

Capabilities of Salesforce Interaction Studio

Capabilities of Salesforce Interaction Studio Interaction Studio transforms website and email experiences with personalized content recommendations. It collects data for analytics, allowing the creation of meaningful experiences based on customer profiles. Additionally, it integrates with customer service interactions, providing agents with customer profiles and recommendations. What does Salesforce Interaction Studio do? Interaction Studio enables marketers

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Industry Cloud

Tectonic’s Salesforce Industry Experience

Tectonic’s Salesforce Industry Experience spans 16+ years of work focused on certain industry areas. Tectonic has worked in all of the following industries implementing and customizing Salesforce: Put Tectonic’s Industry Experience to work for your organization. Our industry and Salesforce expertise will have you up and running in no time. Casino Case Study Government Case

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