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Ensuring Salesforce Customer Satisfaction

Tectonic’s Successful Salesforce Track Record

Salesforce Technology Services Integrator – Tectonic has successfully delivered Salesforce in a variety of industries including Public Sector, Hospitality, Manufacturing, and Health Life Sciences.  Read on about Tectonic’s successful Salesforce track record. Our primary focus is assisting clients with their Salesforce needs to solve business challenges.  We work at the intersection of CRM, Marketing, Big

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Transactional Emails

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Transactional Emails are immediate, automated, non-promotional messages crucial to business operations and customer satisfaction, such as order confirmation emails, shipping notifications, confirmations, etc. The Transactional Messaging API in Marketing Cloud, an upgraded version of Triggered Sends in Email Studio, offers enhanced scalability and flexibility. However, with increased flexibility comes the responsibility of

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Who is Salesforce?

Who is Salesforce?  Here is their story in their own words. From our inception, we’ve proudly embraced the identity of a customer-centric company. Since the very day we opened our doors, customer focus has been the guiding force behind every decision we make. It’s the catalyst for our growth and the driving factor behind our

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Salesforce formula fields

Formula Fields in Salesforce

Formula Fields are an out-of-the-box Salesforce feature that enables you to manipulate (get more out of) your existing Salesforce data. Since most of us are familiar with Excel, these fields actually allow us to create simple and complex formulas based on data from a record and from its related records. Your custom formula fields require

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