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Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Products

Cloud solutions, also known as cloud computing, cloud products or cloud services, deliver IT resources on demand over the Internet. What is a cloud product? What is a cloud product? Cloud products provide a wide range of cloud-based services including computation, storage, databases, analytics, networking, mobile, developer tools, management tools, Internet of Things (IoT), security,

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salesforce inbox

Salesforce Inbox Explained

Salesforce Inbox explained. Enhance the productivity of sales reps with Inbox features, enabling efficient management of every email message, whether they’re on the move or at their desk. Available in: Lightning Experience Certain features are accessible with Sales Cloud and included in Starter, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions. All features are accessible with Inbox,

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Salesforce analytics insurance

Business Analysis and Project Management Acronyms

Here is a helpful glossary of business analysis and project management acronyms you may encounter when discussing business analysis and project management. Acronym Meaning Definition BPMN Business Process Management Notation “A flow chart method that models the steps of a planned business process from end to end. Its purpose is to model ways to improve

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Salesforce Platform Manager

Salesforce Platform Manager Explained

A Salesforce Platform Manager serves as the human interface between the business and the Salesforce platform, taking on the responsibility of overseeing the entire management of the platform. This role involves leading project teams, collecting requirements, designing solutions, and implementing configurations on Salesforce.com. In contrast, Product Managers primarily concentrate on expanding their user base, financial

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